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7 reasons why you should really date a girl who hates make-up

Make up is a pretty miraculous invention of man. With just a few strokes of the brush, a dab of color on the cheeks, and some lipstick, girls are able to change the shape of their noses, enlarge their eyes and get rid of those pimples. But not all girls like make-up. Some do it because their job requires them to put some on, while others do so because they want to look pretty.

And then, there are others who just detest putting muck on their faces. If you’re in a relationship, does your girlfriend put on make-up whenever she goes out with you?

Here are 7 reasons why you should really date a girl who hates make-up. Do you agree with us?


She require lesser time to get ready
One of the main complaints guys have is usually about the time they spend waiting for their girlfriend to get ready, but with this girl who hates make up, you’re not going to have that problem. After all, putting on make-up is a time-consuming effort, and if she skips that step, you’ll see her get ready that much faster.

You don’t have to dress up as well
Hey, if she dislike dolling herself up for dates, there’s your excuse to come out and meet her in berms and T-shirt, right? After all, since you don’t ask her to doll up, she shouldn’t do the same thing to you as well.

She doesn’t spend much on make-up products
Which means 1) she’s more willing to go dutch because she got the cash and 2) if you’re planning to marry her, you know her upkeep won’t be as chor as those who spends a bomb on make-up products. Less money spend = more money for the family, right?

She’s real
She doesn’t believe in putting on a fake front for others. It’s up to the world whether they accept her for who she is, but she won’t change herself just to suit the world. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like an awesome girl.

She’s filled with confidence
And what’s more sexy than a woman who’s confident and sure of herself?

You won’t get a shock when you see her without make-up
Like we said, make-up can do wonders to a woman’s appearance, and haven’t you heard of stories about husbands divorcing their wives when they see them without make-up on their wedding night? If you don’t get what we mean, see the picture below.

Image: chinasmack.com
Image: chinasmack.com

She’s going to shock you when she finally puts on some make-up
Now, this really depend on her skills of putting on make-up. If she’s good at it, you’ll find yourself speechless and drooling. Now, can someone say, “stun like vegetable”. Of course, if she doesn’t have the skills, she’s still going to shock you, just in a funny way.

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