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7 Things We Remember About Being a Monitor in Secondary School

Even back in our school days, some of you might have already experienced what it’s like to be a sai kang warrior, oh sorry, I mean a leader.

You know, being at the beck and call of school teachers, taking responsibility for collecting things from the office and back, etc.

Here are 7 things we remember about being a monitor in secondary school, as told by a class monitor #BuayPaiseh

1. You got sabo-ed into the position

Unlike kids today, we were not as matured last time. Most of the times, class monitors back then were just as likely to be chosen because the class decided to sabo you.

No, sorry, it’s not because we’re chosen for our potential in leadership skills, no matter what we say at interviews.

2. You got your classmates to do the wrong thing

Class monitors are awesome. We know how to get things done. No matter whether it’s good or bad.

Your form teacher want the consent forms for the next excursion collected by today? You’ll tell the kids who don’t have their parent’s signatures to forge them.


Your physics teacher wants all physics homework to be handed in by 3:00 p.m.? Just pick a few good students’ homework and pass it to those who hasn’t done them.

3. The OHP borrower

Back before we had projectors, our teachers used the OHP to teach their lessons. If your classroom’s OHP cannot be used, you’ll have to go to another class to borrow theirs.

Nothing builds a thicker skin than you walking into another class and demanding for the OHP, then walking away like a badass.

4. You always drag going to the office if the teacher isn’t present in class for her lessons

Class monitors are kids too, and what’s the best thing for kids? Free period!

If the teacher isn’t in class, it’s the class monitor who has to go to the office to look for her. You’ll see the class monitor just sitting in his seat and thinking, 5 more minutes.

Then it usually turns into one period before he finally makes his way to the office.

5. The poor class monitress

Just like there are class monitors, there will also be one class monitress for each class. Not that I’m stereotyping but class monitresses typically take their duties more seriously.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one delegating consent form collection, homework collection, planning the class stuff duties to my class monitress.

6. In charge of organising for any school fairs

Remember secondary school? That’s when most of you would have experienced becoming an entrepreneur.

Schools typically organise a school fair to earn proceeds for charity, and it’s pretty fun coordinating the classroom discussions before D-day.

Of course, that’s also when you feel like a boss because you’ll be telling people what to do. Like who’s in charge of getting the food, who’s in charge of doing the decor, etc.

7. You’re usually the one that’ll be stuck organising class gatherings

That’s because you know everyone. After everybody graduates, it’s typically the class monitor who organises class gatherings to keep the group together. At least for the first few years.

Either that or he’ll send a text to his class monitress and ask if she’s interested in organising one.


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