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8 cute and stupid quarrels all healthy couples must have

It’s been mentioned countless times that a couple who doesn’t quarrel isn’t one that will stay for long. Well, there’re some truth to that because all the married couple I’ve come across have argued before—sometimes, right in front of friends.

These quarrels are usually petty, and pretty cute. If you’re in a relationship, how many of these fights have you encountered before?

“You always like that one!”
Be it being late or being funny at the wrong time, couples just like to make a point…just to make a point. It’s harmless and it doesn’t require any change, but they “die die” must always say, “You always like that one!”

The mother of all questions: “Where to eat?”
Either lunch will become dinner, or the couple will quarrel because they just can’t find a restaurant that suits them. First world problem, indeed.

The movie debate
Boy wants to watch Spiderman while Girl wants to watch Pride & Prejudice. They quarrel, and eventually, they watch each other saying sorry to each other.


The one who just want to sleep
So, the couple needs to go somewhere. But one of them just refuses to wake up. After he has woken up and brushed his teeth, he’s back on the bed, snoring away.
That’s when snores become roars.

The GPS girlfriend
So, Boy asks Girl to guide him to a place she’s familiar with. After ten minutes, they realize they’re lost. Boy blames Girl because she’s supposed to know the way, and Girl blames Boy because he’s supposed to be the driver.

The kicker on bed
Boy and Girl sleep on a bed, and the next morning, Boy is on the floor and Girl is still on the bed. Boy scolds Girl, Girl scolds Boy, and that night, everything restarts again.

Never buying the right thing
Guys buying tampons can be so sweet, but when he bought a box of cotton buds instead, Girl will be red with anger. Literally.

The question (e.g. “Who would you save first if your mother and I fall into the sea?”)
Girl likes asking questions that Boy can’t answer. And when that happens, Girls get angry, Boy says sorry, and the question would be asked again next time because for the hundredth time, Girl is never interested in the answer.

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