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8 fabulous places to celebrate Val’s Day in S’pore without breaking the bank

We know that most of you have collected ang bao money during this cny period and you’re in the perfect condition to treat your partner to a nice date. But dates don’t always have to be expensive and it need not always cost a bomb.

Here are the 8 fabulous places that you can bring your date to without breaking your bank and most importantly, without compromising on your date.

Picnic at Marina Barrage
There are many ways to say ‘I love you’ and making food for your significant other is definitely one of them. It definitely takes a lot of effort to prepare a nice picnic meal and you can be pretty sure that your partner will be immensely thankful for you.

Strolling along Gardens by the Bay
Isn’t it perfect to just stroll along GBTB after a picnic at the Marina Barrage? And you’ll even get to enjoy the lighting at night and on some lucky days, you can catch the fireworks too!

Cycling along ECP
Couple bikes can really be romantic. Imagine the gentle breeze brushing against your face as you hold onto his waist and the ice cream uncle ringing his bell away. Isn’t it amazing? And when cycling gets tiring, both of you can push the bike while enjoying the company.


Dining at affordable restaurants
You don’t always have to eat at high end or fine dining restaurants during such occasions. Sometimes, mid end restaurants are equally as good too. Not only are they cheap, they might serve the food faster too due to lesser demand! Click here to find out more.

Netflix and chill at home
Yes, we are really talking about just Netflix and chilling at home. Honestly, why bother to watch at cinemas if you’re able to watch the same movies at home? With advanced technology, you can always link your laptop to your 42 inch TV while streaming movies online. Watching your favorite movie with Garrett’s popcorn in one hand and hugging your girlfriend with the other. We really cannot think of any other dates that are more perfect than this.

Jogging along Punggol Waterway
No its not lame, because couples that exercise together stay together. It is especially romantic when you get to enjoy watching the sunset while jogging.

Tree Top walk at MacRitchie Reservoir
Get to enjoy quality time together as both of you trek the hiking trail together. It is not often that both of you get to bask in nature given Singapore’s hectic lifestyle.

National museums are free to enter. And most importantly, both of you can soak in the ‘artsy fatsy’ atmostphere with lots and lots of instagram-worthy moments to take as memento!

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