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8 fond memories all 90s kids have of Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse

Fish & Co. have announced the permanent closure of their iconic outlet @ Glasshouse come June 2016, and with this, another makan place with fond memories all 90s kids have will be gone. Joining the ranks of King Albert Park McDonald’s, East Coast Park McDonald’s and A&W Boathouse restaurant, Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse, after 14 years of operation, will cease operations permanently due to redevelopment of Park Mall.

If you’re a 90s kids, you’ll definitely have fond memories of this iconic makan place. Here are 8 fond memories we have of Fish & Co. Glasshouse. Do you remember them?

The first time you stepped into the Glasshouse
Really, after all the generic McDonald’s, kopitiam and KFC, when you step into the Glasshouse for the first time, you’ll be awed by the theme of Fish & Co. because it feels just like you’re entering another world – the sea world to be exact. Land ahoy!

The service and staff who keeps in character
Okay, we understand that recently, there were plenty of complaints by the public about the bad service of Fish & Co., but just like how we were awed by the Glasshouse decor and theme, we also remember the service provided by the staff. Who could forget being served like you’re some VIP (you, and not because you’re with your parents) and because the staff keeps in character, like we’re real sailors?

Birthday Sabo
Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse have the habit of asking the birthday boy/girl to stand on the chair with a cake while they sing a birthday song coupled with their Fish & Co. ditty loudly. It’s pretty fun to watch your friends get sabo, but not as fun if you’re the birthday boy or girl. Imagine having everyone’s eyes on you while you’re standing high up. Not fun. But at the same time, so fun.

Here’s an additional tip: if you happen to take any pictures of your friends kena “birthday sabo-ed” at Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse, present it to the staff for a free dish on the house. Guess what, it’s time to start searching through your albums; and if you celebrate your birthday there during this period, it’s 20% off the bill.

The LIVE Band
Before we were old enough to get into Chimes, this is The Place to go to if you’re in the mood for some live music. Hey, you can also give song request to the band performing. Especially romantic if you get them to dedicate the song to your girlfriend or a girl you’re really trying to impress.

When you ask your first crush to be your stead
Back when we were still studying, most of us probably don’t have the money to bring a girl to atas places to ask them to be our stead.. We ended up bringing our significant other to this iconic Fish & Co. because the decor is good and there’s a live band, not to mention #3. Plus, it’s still within the affordable range, if we save up that is.

A place to date for special occasions
And Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse isn’t where you bring a girl out to ask her to be your stead, it’s also a pretty good place for you to bring her to on special dates. You might say you brought her there for your anniversary because you wanted to celebrate that day at the same place you both got together, but we all know it’s more affordable than going here than other restaurants. Not to mention you can go jalan-jalan with your other half when you’re done with your meal at Plaza Singapura opposite.

Love Statue

Image: mothership.sg

While not within the building itself, you’ll probably remember this iconic statue. It’s where most of us asked the girl to stead with us after a great meal at Fish & Co. right? Somewhere along the line of, “This icon shows my love for you.” Okay, now you can cringe. Not to mention it’s a great place for couples to take pictures at as well. This iconic statue has been moved to the courtyard of Winsland House II.

Class gatherings
Where else can you find a place that can accommodate all 30 of you at one go other than Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse which can hold up to 300 customers at one go? Not to mention the place is so noisy you don’t have to worry about other people shushing your group.

Another farewell promotion of Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse – Dine there with a group of 10 pax and more and you’ll get 20% off your total bill. It’s time to call back all your secondary school kakis, isn’t it?

Well, if you, like us, will miss Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse terribly, you have till June this year to visit them and make your last memories with them before they close down. And Fish & Co. will run a slew of promotions and activities as part of their farewell campaign, so be sure to visit to experience this last hoo-ha, or should we say, ahoy! So, what are you waiting for?

Here’s a list of activities they’re planning to do each month:

Image: fish-co.com
Image: fish-co.com

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