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8 mistakes you must not make in a relationship or it will lose the spark

After a long time of being together, it’s easy to take your partner for granted. It’s definitely hard to continue treating them as if it was your first or second date, especially because you two will grow closer. Just make sure you maintain the intimacy you two share throughout your relationship, only deepening it and not losing it.

Lack of Communication
Remember to talk to your partner. It can be through messages, or face-to-face. Don’t just assume that your partner agrees with everything you say and do or will find your topics boring. Share your daily joys and sorrows.


Dating can get repetitive, especially if the same thing is being done over and over – hang out, eat, maybe a movie. I’m not saying that’s bad, in fact, it’s a good habit to consistently hang out for meals together. Once in a while, though, go for something special. Maybe an extravagant dinner, or to the amusement park.

Not Meeting Up
Online chat fine? Long distance relationship? No, it’s not. If you’re going to laze around at home instead of traveling over to see your partner, it’s probably not very important to you. Find some time, hop over and spend some nice quality time together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder only if it’s promised that you two will eventually meet again within a certain time frame – if there’s nothing to look forward to, even the appeal of chatting on messages will fall off.

Don’t keep saying that you’re busy. If you truly want to see your partner, you will make time for him or her. It might even make your partner feel more special because you set aside time for them in your busy schedule.

Cold War
It’s easy to decide to not talk to each other for a while because of an argument. Settle it quick and then grab some comfort food at a nice spot together. The longer it drags, the more neglected both parties will feel. After a few arguments where this silent war will drag longer and longer each round if it isn’t fixed, you won’t even talk to each other at all!

Lack of Interest
Sure, you two may have different interests, but find something you both like or can agree on and do it together. It’ll be a great time to cultivate and improve your bond while doing what you both like and improving at that hobby too!

Other People
Be careful of how you act around other people. Because you are so used to your relationship, when someone interesting comes along, you might pay more interest to the newcomer. Know your boundaries, or you might end up feeling like your relationship is boring compared to your time spent with that new person.

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