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8 outdoor activities every couple should experience to bond even better

If you or your partner, or both, are constantly whining and groaning about how unfit you are, perhaps it’s time to drop the complaints and pick up a sport to do something about it. You know what they say, a couple that works out together stays together. Instead of having your dates at cafes and stuffing your face with salted egg yolk croissants, why not opt for a healthier date and pick up some sports together?

Since there aren’t many high points in Singapore and Bukit Timah Hill is only an underwhelming 164m high, this can be an excuse for both of you to travel out of the country. Besides bonding through travel, you also get to see amazing views on top of a mountain!

Any ball games is definitely going to get your man excited (we are joking, somewhat). Playing a game against each other can get your endorphin levels up high, and you will also be able to improve the chemistry between both of you.


There are many park connectors all over Singapore, and with the constantly sunny weather, cycling is the perfect outdoor activity to do. Plus, it’s  not very strenuous and perfect for couples who are just starting to become active.

Rock climbing
Alternatively, if you are short on money or time to travel out of the country, rock climbing is also a great option. It is also much safer too, as you will be with trained professionals who will guide you every step of the way.

This is a more unique activity, albeit quite expensive, that you can do with your partner. If the both of you are animal-lovers, horse-riding is a perfect activity for you! You might also be surprised at the immense amount of calories you can burn.

This is perhaps the most budget sports you can do, and you can do it anywhere too! Just put on your running shoes and go! You can also relive your memories of chasing your girlfriend, or being chased, whichever way works for you.

This is another activity that will bring you out of the country. The nearest place you can skydive would be in Thailand, which is a pretty budget-friendly destination. Plus, freefalling in the air will give you that rush of excitement that you had during your early honeymoon phase.

Deepwater diving
You can easily go for lessons in Singapore to get certified as a diver. One of your tests would also probably take place somewhere in Tioman or Bintan, giving you an unforgettable experience in the deep blue sea with your partner.

Top Image: Kzenon / Shutterstock

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