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8 realest reasons why the older you get, the less people you trust

When we get older, we encounter things in life that can be really painful, or we simply become wiser. This comes at a price though. We lose the naivety we had as a child, we learnt that the world isn’t as perfect as we thought and people can’t really be trusted to do what’s best for you. Do you feel the same way?

Here are 10 reasons why the older we get, the less people we trust.

Once bitten, twice shy
In life, there are some people you’ve met who are backstabbers, betrayers, or people who just want a leg up in the corporate ladder. These are the people who will mercilessly step on you to get what they want and you have met enough of these people to know that sometimes, the best person to trust, is yourself.

Lady Gaga said, “Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother f*cker’s reflection.”

A strong sense of identity
Growing up, you are much more independent and has developed a strong sense of identty. You don’t necessarily have to depend on anyone else to prove your existence.


People get more devious
As everyone grows up, people around you get smarter, and they devise schemes and attempt to manipulate you for their own gains. It happens to everyone, so being friends with them is fine, but you know you can’t depend on them.

You get smarter
You understand how the world works, and you know the best way not to get hurt is to only believe in yourself. Sad but true.

You have priorities in life
Trusting someone requires time to build a bond between you and the person. You have a lot of things going on in your life and simply don’t have the time to build trust between you and the other!

The competition is REAL
Sometimes, YOU might be the one who want a leg up in the corporate ladder. It’s natural to want to do well, and sometimes, you will have to tread on toes to achieve bigger things in life. That’s life. Being a manipulative person yourself, you know that you can’t trust anyone because they may do the same things you do.

We project our own insecurities
Sometimes, we are unable to trust other people because we are unable to trust in ourselves. It is this insecurity that prevents us from trusting other people.

You’re in a position of power
When you’re successful and in a decision-making position, you’ll realized that you’ll be dissecting every interaction you have with someone, wondering if they genuinely like you, or they just want something from you.

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