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8 reasons why you should go out with your best friend instead of boyfriend this V’Day

All the single ladies will have no worries about choosing between their girlfriends and (non-existent) boyfriends on Valentine’s Day. However, the attached ladies might be having some trouble trying to decide between the two. Do you want spend this day with your boyfriend over a romantic candlelit dinner, or should you hang out and let loose with your girlfriends? We give you 8 reasons why the latter option is da best!


You can pick the movie without feeling bad.
Even if you manage to watch a movie you like with your boyfriend, he might not like it. With your best friend, you can be sure that you will both enjoy the movie. After all, she will definitely hit you on the head if you suggest watching something she hates.

There is no need to dress up.
Please, some of them have already seen everything we have to show. You could wear t-shirts and underwear and just stay in if you like. Otherwise, you could also go out with them in tried-and-tested outfits – no need to rack your brains and ransack your wallet to buy a new one!

You can get comfortable without getting awkward.
Let’s face it, if you cuddle with your boyfriend, there are going to be some expectations whether you want it or not. When you are with your BFF, it’s a normal thing to do. Pillowfight, anyone?

You can say anything you want.
Even if your boyfriend accepts your occasional swearing and gossipy remarks, it’s better if you don’t do it all throughout a romantic date at a quiet restaurant. However, it’s even better if you can say whatever you want with your BFF, who might even join in the fun.

You don’t need to act like you like her gift.
Sometimes, guys just don’t know what their girlfriends want. It gets painful when you have to smile and accept yet another teddy bear with a box of chocolates. With your best friend, she will definitely know what captures your heart.

She doesn’t need to act like she likes your gift.
The reverse is also true. Why would you not know what your BFF would like? And even in the most extreme situation when she doesn’t like it, she can show it without spoiling the (un-)romantic mood. After all, criticising each other (playfully) is part and parcel of your friendship.

You can drink as much as you want.
No date, male or female, is sexy when they get drunk on red wine during a V’day date. However, you can drown yourself in alcohol and get high when you are with your best friend.

You can eat as much as you want.
Don’t even bother ordering a chicken salad and say you are on a diet. Your BFF will slap you upside down because she could have sworn she just saw you stuffing your face with chocolates the other day. Also, you can eat garlic bread or squid ink spaghetti in peace, without getting judged.

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