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8 scary changes a girl would go through once she’s married

Guys, when your girlfriend agree to marry you, you should treasure and cherish her. Why? Because when she agreed, she isn’t imagining a blissful marriage filled with joy, happy shrieks of children running around the house and a baby puppy or two. Instead, she’s agreeing to this.

Here are 8 scary changes a girl would go through once she married you.

Her income
Before marriage, part of her income goes to her parents, part of it saved up and the rest on shopping, manicure, pedicure, going out and just having fun. After marriage, part of her income goes towards her parents, part of it is spent on paying the bills, and the rest on it for you and necessities for the house. As for pampering herself, well, that’ll have to come when she strike Toto or 4D.

The things she buy
Before marriage, she buys cute dresses, bags and makeup products that make her so pretty. After marriage, she buys diapers, groceries and if there’s any extra, clothes or gifts for you.

The way she buys stuff
Before marriage, she could probably afford to buy things that she like, even the item is a bit pricier. After marriage, she’ll think long and hard about whether to make the purchase, and often, she’ll haggle and bargain like crazy, and if it doesn’t work, she’ll leave without buying it.

Her weekends and holidays
Before she got married to you, she’s able to go out with friends or you and just enjoy herself on her day off. After marriage, her non-working days consist of going to the market in the morning for grocery shopping followed by doing housework around the house. Yes, it’s like she’s holding two jobs.

Her temper
Before marriage, she’s as gentle as the breeze, always charming, always polite. After marriage, she’ll scream at you for the littlest things you do. Yes, if she was a mouse before, she’s a damned shrew now.


Her photos on Facebook and Instagram
Before marriage: Selfie, selfie, food picture, selfie, #OOTD
After marriage: kid showering, kid’s #OOTD, kid playing lego, kid sleeping, kid eating

Her makan places
Before marriage, you’ll bring her to all sorts of restaurants and cafes around Singapore. After marriage, it’s coffee shop, eating at home and dining at a restaurant once per year. Maybe.

Her personal image
Before marriage, she’s horrified at the thought of emerging from the house without makeup and making herself look pretty. After marriage, as long as there’s a hairband to tie her hair back, she’s ready to go out.

So, if your girl says “I do” to you when you propose, she really loves you.

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