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8 Signs That Your Best Friend Is In Love With You

For some, it is difficult to keep a platonic relationship going without having at least one party falling for the other at some point in time. If you don’t feel the same about your best friend, it is perhaps best to identify the problem quick otherwise risk giving him/her false hope unintentionally.

He/she never talks about their crushes
They either don’t because they aren’t looking to date right now or that the person they have a crush on is you!

He/she texts you about everything that goes on in his/her life
You pretty much know his/her schedule inside out. You know what he/she had a dinner. You know who his/her other best friends are. You know if they were late for school or work this morning. And the list goes on…

He/she remembers every single thing you told him/her
Just like how a boyfriend/girlfriend will likely not forget things you’ve told him/her, your best friend who happens to have a crush on you won’t either.

He/she is always there for you no matter what
It doesn’t matter whether you are happy or sad, your best friend will always be there for you. He/she is the one who knows which buttons to press to cheer you up and will rush down to help you when you have an emergency no matter the time of day.

The two of you hang out one-on-one all the time
The both of you are always out together without your other friends. Checking out a new restaurant, visiting museums together, catching the latest movie that just started screening, and the like. Whatever your other friends won’t do with you, you know you don’t have to worry because that best friend of yours will always agree to accompany you.

People constantly mistake the two of you for a couple
If the both of you are giving out couple-y vibes to family, friends, and strangers, you know something’s up.

He/she drops hints every now and then
Through text, he/she drops some hints about the two of you being together and sometimes passes it off as a joke. In person, he/she occasionally gets a little too touchy but of course, it is nothing you’d be uncomfortable with. It is easy to tell from one’s body language if they are into you because your body language will never lie!


The two of you have a pact to get married if you both are still single by a certain age
Both of you have been single, perhaps for too long, so you guys made a pact to get married to each other if you two are still single by 40. After all, there is no one who would understand you as well he/she does.

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