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8 Simple Ways to Test Whether Your Girlfriend is a Gold Digger

A gold digger is a materialistic woman who wants not your heart or love but instead just wants your money. Such woman often will drain a guy of all his money and they are more concerned about your wallet than about you. Such woman are not the wisest choice for girlfriend material and should be avoided at all costs. Read on to find out ways to determine if your girlfriend is after your wallet or your heart.

They always want you to pay for stuff 
They expect you to be always the one to be settling the bill and giving them money to spend. And they prey on the fact that you would not want to disappoint them by not paying for stuff.

They have expensive tastes
Their choice of gifts often require you burning a hole in your wallet and if you choose to give her gifts such as handmade cards that don’t cost much, expect to face a disappointed and angry woman. They also love to dine at the fanciest restaurants and shop at the branded outlets, considering that what she gets is often paid for out of your own wallet.

They expect that they get their way
There’s a saying that goes “love doesn’t cost a thing”. Unfortunately, this does not apply to a gold digger. If you realise your girlfriend throws a tantrum or guilt trips you whenever you do not get her what she wants, then it’s wise to step away from this relationship and look for someone that doesn’t tie love to the amount of the gift that she wants.


Her friends are also gold diggers
A good measure of a person is by the company that he or she keeps. This is very true and if you realise that your girlfriend has friends that always take about taking advantage of their boyfriends, it may be a sign that she would display similar tendencies.

They are not appreciative
When you get something you want and reciprocate with a “please” and “thank you”, it shows a great deal of courtesy and respect. If you notice your girlfriend not doing so, it tells a great deal of how appreciative she is of your actions.

They have no aspirations
If you notice your girlfriend not knowing what she wants to do in life, it may not be a sign that she’s a gold digger. But she doesn’t know what she wants in life and only expecting others to support her, then it is a clear sign she is a gold digger

They have a sense of entitlement
Gold diggers feel that everything should go their way and that they deserve what they want. They crave for rewards without any work and that she expects favourable treatment all the time.

They only stick by you during good times
A relationship involves a couple who are willing to make sacrifices for each other and being together for weal or woe. If you notice your girlfriend not offering support when you are unhappy or having difficulties, chances are she is a gold digger who only wants a share of the good and not helping you when you are down and out.

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