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8 brutally honest thoughts we have when we see someone taking up a food challenge

So recently, I came across a video of a Singaporean guy who mightily wolfed down nearly 4kg of chicken rice in approximately 29 minutes. Most of you would have saw this video before. After all, it was widely written about in a websites here in Singapore when it first came out. My colleague who wrote about it told me to take a look at the video, and I have to honestly say that watching him eat is enough for me to lose my appetite.

Here’s my 10 brutally honest, uncensored thoughts when I was viewing the video. Do you agree with me?

He don’t look like he can eat much
One thing I’ve realised about competitive eaters is this: they need not be fat. Even though they consume a ridiculous amount of calories each time they take up a challenge, quite a few of them also spend a lot of time hitting the gym, running and enjoying other sports. Besides burning off those calories, I’m quite sure exercise also increases their appetite, so they can eat even more.

Won’t he feel sick?
It’s one thing to eat a lot, and another thing to eat a lot of the same thing. I mean, this is almost 4kg of just chicken and rice (there aren’t even cucumbers–the chicken rice staple)! Can you imagine how oily it is as well? I felt sick even though I was watching through a screen.

This guy is on the highway to indigestion.
One of the causes of indigestion is “eating too much, too fast, especially when eating high-fat foods”. Whoops, this guy just checked all three on the list. When you see him go, I’m quite sure you will agree with me that this guy barely chews his food. You can see him gulping down water intermittently, which helps him get the food down into his stomach.

Does he taste anything?
I am quite sure there is no room to enjoy the wondrous taste of chicken rice when you are attempting to break a record, unfortunately.

Does he actually train for this?
I did some research on “how to train for food challenges” and found some interesting things. Some competitive eaters train their jaw muscles by eating “several pieces of gum at once”. Some even took it a step further and went out to buy “silicone tubes” to chew on. These tubes are actually meant for people recovering from jaw surgery to strengthen their jaw.

Also, they increase their stomach capacity by drinking large amounts of water very quickly. The benchmark, according to some competitive eaters, is to drink a gallon (around 3.8 litres) of water under one minute. Wow. I bet they’ll be good at water parade.

Confirm food coma one
Peasants like us has already KO-ed into a food coma after eating one normal serving of chicken rice. Imagine eating 4kg of chicken rice (approximately the size of 10-12 servings). No need to do work already.

These are the sort of people who bankrupt buffet companies.
Most of us struggle to “get our money’s worth” at buffets. We try to eat the “more expensive food” like the sashimi, beef and other kinds of seafood. This guy probably won’t even need to think about it. Whatever goes.

How do people do this?
Well, this is an odd way to earn respect, but I fully respect him for doing something most of us can’t even wrap our heads around.


Check out the video for yourself!


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