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8 ways to know whether someone likes you just for your money

It’s a materialistic world, and we’ve got to admit that despite how much faith in humanity we have, there are some people who get into a relationship purely because of some momentary gains. Before you read this, do remember that this is pretty subjective and not a guide, so just use it as a reference instead. And since the man is usually one who earns more, so we’ve used a female pronoun for gold digger, but here’s a disclaimer—both man and woman are capable of this.

Her ex has always been one who earns a lot
All her ex-boyfriends earn a lot of money and shower her with gifts every now and then. She has never been with one who is poor—maybe she has, but she won’t say that to you, because that was when she didn’t realize the importance of money.


She never offers to pay for dates
She’ll just sit there and wait for you to pay. If you ever refuse to pay, that’s it: that would be the last date. To her, going out with you itself is a use of her resources, so getting her to use even more resources (money) is out of the way.

She doesn’t want to spend time with you but want you to buy her stuff
She’ll say she wants this and she wants that, but refuses to go out with you to buy these things. She wants to buy them herself, because you’re just a wallet and not a company.

She compares how generous her friends’ boyfriends / husbands are
Subtly but often, she would tell you about the new bag that her friend’s boyfriend has bought for her, and hint you to do the same. If you don’t, she would insist that you don’t love her enough.

She measures her love with your salary
So you earn $4,000 a month? She loves you. You earn $6,000 a month? She loves you a lot. You earn $8,000 a month? She loves you the most. You earn $10,000 a month? She’s yours exclusively.

She is only interested in high-end restaurants instead of hawker centres
Despite how good the food in hawker centre is and how bad the food in a restaurant is, she would still prefer a restaurant simply because she’s used to it—to be specific, used to a date in a restaurant.

She isn’t working despite having the time to do so
She’s unemployed and not studying full-time—in other words, she’s living a “tai tai” life and expect you to pay for her expenses.

She makes sure you wear branded stuff whenever you’re out with her friends
It’s not enough to “love” you just for your money—the world must know that you’re rich so that she can tell the world that she’s fished a wealthy boyfriend.

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