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9 simple ways to be an attractive man without having to be rich

A man’s wealth can attract many girls; it’s nothing to be ashamed of because who isn’t attracted to money? Of course, there are other qualities of a man that can attract ladies. And if you thought it’s all about the looks, it isn’t. So ugly men, or not as handsome men out there, not all is lost. If you don’t have the cash and don’t have the looks, here’s some qualities that some ladies in Singapore are looking out for as well. So, the question is, how many of these qualities do you have?


This one is a charmer. Ladies tend to stick to men who are very humorous because these men usually know the jokes that can soften their heart. After all, dates won’t ever be boring. So grab a joke book or two to read today.

Who doesn’t love a man who is sure of himself and the things he does? It makes the ladies feel secure and safe; she’ll be willing to marry you even because you can even make her insecurities seem nonexistent. And if you’re not confident, well, fake it till you make it, no?

Good Looks
Like duh? First impressions do matter, if you look good her eyes tend to linger on you longer. It’s like instant attraction, albeit superficial.

Buff body
Some girls really like men with big muscles, they think it’s oh so sexy. Like Sylvester Stallone. I prefer men with smaller muscles, but hey, bigger usually means better, no? But take note, it’s not just for appearance. Some girls like buff guys because it shows that they have some standards to meet even for themselves, and these guys usually have the drive and determination to push past hardships.

It’s all about the manners and being a gentleman. Open the doors for her, pull out her seat. Saying please and thank you and even giving up your seat to an elderly in the bus.

Good cook
Guys who make killer awesome meals are instantly attractive. You men sure know the way to our stomachs and hearts. YUMSS.

Good with kids
Men who like kids or can keep kids busy are the best. Potential husband alert! It just melts our hearts to see our big boys interacting with little ones.

Keeping a pet
This one is another charmer. Especially when the guy owns a small puppy or kitten. Cute, and hot. ~Melts~

Being nice to family
Not just to the women’s side but to your own family. It shows us that you have not forgotten your roots and still take good care of your parents. It makes us assured that we ladies will be well taken care of in the future. Family man, whoop! Big score!

Checked more than four of the things above? You must be very attractive then!

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