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9 struggles of an introvert only someone who’s an introvert will feel

If you were to go onto Google and search for “Introverts”, you’ll see plenty of articles talking about why being an introvert isn’t all that bad, how to tell if you’re an introvert and how best to use your introverted personality as an advantage.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you’re an introvert, you’ll probably be able to understand these 10 struggles only an introvert would feel.

We want to make friends easily like that most popular guy in class
Who wouldn’t want to be well-liked and popular among the guys and gals of the class, instead of being plain old you that’s quiet and always looking on from the corner of the classroom.

You find it hard to survive in the workplace
The first thought that comes to the mind of an introvert is whether they’ll be able to survive in the workplace. All the horror stories of “teamwork” being the most important thing in the workplace, getting along well with colleagues and office politics, you wonder how you’re going to survive when you find it hard to get allies.

You try too hard
If there’s anyone in the world who understand the struggles of stand-up comedians the most, it would be introverts. Similar to stand-up comedians whose jokes sometimes fall flat, you struggle to be outgoing and fun, coming up with witty quips and comebacks that you thought was pretty funny at that point in time, only to realize that nobody’s laughing because you tried too hard.

You can only come up with smart comments
There’s a thin line between being an introvert and being brainless. If you’re quiet most of the time and the moment you open your golden mouth and something brainless comes out, you’re labelled as the stupid guy forever. If something smart comes out, you’re labelled as the introvert of the group. Notice that both aren’t really glowing compliments. Introverts just can’t catch a break, can we?


You tend to over think
Because we’re quiet, we have plenty of time to mull over our thoughts. And because of that, we tend to over-analyze and over think even minute issues. Most of the time, we’re seeing things that don’t actually exist.

You’re not always in the moment
Yeah, we’ll admit it. We’re not really all there, as in not all there in the moment. Articles online describe introverts as always thinking about the issue at hand carefully before we weigh our comments and decide if it’s worth putting it out there into the conversation. Honestly, we’re thinking, but most of the time, we’re thinking about other things instead because #6 and #7.


You’re a worrier
And because of #5, you realize that you tend to worry a lot more than others. The more you think, the more you find something to worry yourself about.

You dislike being an introvert
We used to think that being an introvert isn’t anything bad, at least until the world starts telling us that being an extrovert is the right way to go. And those articles that sprung up on the web defending us introverts, it doesn’t help. It just serves to make us feel that being an introvert is not a good thing. So…

And last but not least, while this isn’t exactly a struggle, it’s something most of us introverts has done before.

Search on Google for “How to be an extrovert / more outgoing / popular” before
Yes, if you’re an introvert, you’ll probably have done this before.

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