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According to Mark Zuckerburg , these are the 5 things that shouldn’t be on your Facebook

Being the founder of the world embraced number one social media website – Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg revealed 5 information that should not be on your Facebook profile.


If these were something that you have been nagged about before, then the concerns were actually legit.

1. Birthday – be it yours or your loved one
Even though the benefit of making your birthday known to your Facebook friends will exchange many greetings and wishes in return on that special day of yours, it also become the target of people who wants to steal your information.
Do you know that to steal your identity, only 3-4 types of information are needed, and one of those important ones would be your birth date!
If you die die really want to let people know then… the least you can do is not to reveal the year.

2. Relationship Status
No matter you are currently single and available or in a loving relationship with someone else, try not to reveal it on Facebook. You’d never know when you might have crazy stalkers or pursuers who might take action once you reveal your single status.
You might also not know if your haters would want to try every single possibility to break you and your partner up if they knew that you were attached.

3. Location
Many of us like to check in to locations on Facebook, to allow your friends to know where you are. Sometimes maybe an unintentional act of showing off might lead to huge consequences, such as being break in to your home when you tagged a location overseas, or being stalked by a crazy fan.

4. Habits
Personal habits are well, personal. Try to avoid posting personal things such as your favourite hangout locations, daily routine or lifestyle habits etc. Same logic, it allows stalkers to know where you are at a certain point of time. Take example, if you posted that you would be in the gym every Mon night, then certainly that creepy stalker would show up at your gym and wait for a chance to poach on you. Highly unlikely, but things happen.

5. Information of Others
If you are a parent, then do not ever post the information of your children on Facebook. Information such as birthday, which school, which class etc. can be misused by person of bad intents.

Isn’t it ironic that so many of the above functions are well available information on Facebook? If he really meant it then why did he invent Facebook in the first place? Well, this is a great mystery of the great founder that we would want to find out!

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