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Ads Showing When You Charge Your Android Phone? Here’s Why

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets welcomed by ads whenever I turn on my phone while it’s charging.

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It gets so frustrating as the ads tend to block out some notifications on my new lock screen. I mean hello? I enabled the notifications for a purpose?

If you are experiencing this as well, fret not. I have got you covered. Or rather, some IT experts have.

These annoying ads may come along with some Adware programs that you may have (unintentionally) downloaded onto your Android.

Although they are not responsible for ALL pop-up ads, they do generate a good amount of annoying and intrusive ‘surprises’.

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There’s no need to fear for viruses, since majority of the ads are safe. Which means that there’s a small amount of them that aren’t.

As the saying goes, ‘curiosity kills the cat’. Some ads may direct you to harmful websites or tempt you to download virus content.

Here’s a list of apps that you should take note of :

Xender, GO apps, Z Camera, Amber Weather Widget, Kitty Play, Touchpal, ES File Explorer etc

(Do note that the list is not exhaustive)

You might be more familiar with ES File Explorer, and I wouldn’t be surprised for it has over 500 million users worldwide.

Now, what this handy file sharing app has done is to promise a shortened charging time and an improved battery life, but instead flood your new lock screen with ads.

Talk about trustworthy.

Also, they make sure that you might accidentally click onto the ads, by placing them right on top of the “Swipe to unlock” function on their new screen.

Well played indeed.

Now for the main reason why you’re reading this: here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disable these ads.

On ES File explorer

  • Open the navigation menu on the left
  • Turn Charging Boost off
Image: howtoremove.guide

Some users have also reported that the function turned on automatically once connected to a power source.


You can turn off the ads using a similar method on the other apps.

Disabling the apps

  • Go to Settings, Apps, App name and click uninstall

( basically how you usually remove an app)

If the uninstall option is unavailable, try this:

  • Go to Settings, Security, Device Administrators
  • Go to the list of apps under Android Device Manager, and remove ES File Explorer

Then, go back to removing ES File Explorer and you’re good to go!

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