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The blue side of this eraser isn’t to erase pen ink, but for something else more interesting!

Yes, we all have used this Faber Castell dual side eraser before back in our primary school days, didn’t we? How many of us believed that the blue side of the eraser is used to rub away pen ink?

What we often thought to be the truth was wrong: the blue-coloured side of the eraser, contrary to what we believed, is not meant to erase pen ink. You get why your notebook pages are always torn after trying to erase those pen ink away now?

Yes, the normal eraser still work for erasing pencil marks, but the blue parts will not work for erasing pen ink because they’re NOT meant to be used that way.

We do not know how it came about, so when we find that the pen ink could not be erased, we’ll put more strength into it, and more often than not, made holes in our homework.

When we found this out, we knew we had to share it with you because it answered a niggling question that has been in our minds since our school days.


So here’s what we found: the normal eraser is used to erase pencil marks on our normal paper, but for paper made of thicker and rougher textures like cards or grainy art paper. You’ll realize that when you try to erase pencil markings on the latter, you’ll have to use more force on them. That is the real reason for the blue side of the eraser–to easily rub away pencil marks on thicker material with rough textures.

So now that you know this, it’s time to stop telling your younger siblings that in order to erase pen inks from paper, they’ll have to apply a huge amount of strength with the blue side of the eraser. Just get them a pen with erasable ink from Popular.


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