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7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better

Traditional Asian wedding etiquette dictates that weddings should be a grand affair. In a recent article published in The New Paper – The Rising Cost of Loving, wedding planners in Singapore commented that the cost of a wedding in Singapore increases at an alarming rate of 10 percent every year! In particular, the average cost of a table in today’s …

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Story of a Woman Who Breastfeeding Her Boyfriend

Jennifer Maiden*, a 34-year-old Christian blogger and mother of three in Ohio, runs a blog called Bountiful Fruits, which has been read by more than 33,000 people. Maiden has been brea$tfeeding her husband two to three times a day for the past 14 years, ever since the birth of their first son. For these parents, nursing is more of an …

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8 hidden habits of highly attractive people you didn’t know

We all like beautiful people whether their beauty is inside or out, or both. Its common, I mean, who isn’t attracted to hottie Ryan Reynolds or forever-not-aging Jennifer Aniston right? But in one way or another, there’s always a hidden habit of these attractive people that got us hooked. Here’s a list: Ambition There’s nothing sexier than a man or …

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Here’s how much you have to save before you can get married in S’pore

Saying yes to marrying the love of your life is a joyous occasion and changing your status from boyfriend-girlfriend to husband-wife is a huge step. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Months of preparation all goes down to the big day, but before the big day arrives, a lingering factor remains in everyone’s happy but worried minds – Money. …

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