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3 Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring a Domestic Worker

Just like any employer-employee relationship, your relationship with your domestic worker also has its own set of protocols and etiquettes that are important to maintain. There are things you should and shouldn’t do if you want to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with her. Below, we discuss some tips to keep in mind, regardless of where you are in …

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Generosity is not wealth, says the man who tipped $2,000 to a waitress

Speaking to Stomp, the Singaporean man, Mr Atwell Tay, who tipped $2,000 to a Malaysian waitress working at a Katong restaurant, shared his inspirations of his kind deeds. The account took place last week, penang-born waitress XYW, 37, who declined to be named fearing that she will be fired from her job revealed that she had been struggling to pay childcare fees as a …

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1500 Prostitutes Active in Singapore’s Heartlands!

A website claiming to be “Lion City’s No. 1 Beauties”, has a database of more than 1500 ‘pretty women’. It is actually a cover for prostitution, with bases covering northern, eastern, western and central districts in HDB heartlands. The Chinese media reported that the phenomenon of HDB flats turning into brothels is occurring at an alarming rate and raising deep …

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Thank you, Low Thia Khiang, no thanks, Singapore’s transport mess-uppers

Remember that Corrs hit  – “Breathless”? The daylight’s fading slowly The time with you is standing still… And I’m losing the will to try Can’t hide it (can’t hide it), can’t fight it (can’t fight it) Go on go on Leave me breathless Well, it has been a breathless week. Prince Charles and Camilla were here. And what did we …

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SMRT & LTA’s full statements on Bishan depot maintenance saga

SMRT revealed this week that a staff team responsible for maintaining a pump system at the Bishan depot signed off that work was being carried out, when no maintenance work was conducted on the system for nearly a year. This revelation was made as SMRT released the preliminary findings of its investigation into a major service breakdown on 7 Oct, when Bishan MRT station …

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