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1500 Prostitutes Active in Singapore’s Heartlands!

A website claiming to be “Lion City’s No. 1 Beauties”, has a database of more than 1500 ‘pretty women’. It is actually a cover for prostitution, with bases covering northern, eastern, western and central districts in HDB heartlands. The Chinese media reported that the phenomenon of HDB flats turning into brothels is occurring at an alarming rate and raising deep …

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Man Paws Woman’s Buttocks on MRT Train then Buah Bodoh

Be careful of perverts on the train, ladies. This man was caught red-handed groping a woman’s buttocks while riding on the MRT. He appeared to be doing that for at least 10 seconds or longer, until he realised that someone else had realised that he was up to no good. That’s when he kept his hands to himself and buah …

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Russian Student Earns S$11,000 a Week Working Part-Time as a Prostitute

Most Singaporeans can’t see past S$5000 a month working a full-time job. But one Russian student known as “Anna” manages to earn up to S$11,000 a month working part-time as a prostitute. “Anna” is reportedly a 26-year-old business graduate from Moscow who’s learning English in Singapore. She is using Singapore as a stepping stone to earn money so she can …

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