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9 nostalgic things we all remember about blogging in the early 2000s

There used to be a time where Blogspot, Xanga and Livejournal ruled the Internet sphere, and when owning a blog was cool because that’s where you got to jot down minute details about your daily lives or use it as a platform to secretly confess to your crush – we all have been there, and done that. These days, blogging …

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6 free things you must take from hotel because you very the S’porean mah

Yes, we Singaporeans are known to be a kiasu group of people, and wherever we go, we’re always on the lookout for freebies we can take home. Let’s be honest, it’s practically a way of life for us. Well, if you, like those of us in the office, are a true-blue Singaporean, you’ll want to know the six items you cannot miss taking from …

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9 weird habits your girlfriend might have that she’s not telling you

Have you wondered why your girlfriend is secretive about the things she does sometimes. You don’t really understand what’s going on when she asks you to stay outside her room for 1 hour while she does something in private. Maybe…here are 10 weird habits your girlfriend might have that she’s not telling you. She’s so organized it’s as though she has OCD Her …

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5 traits of a girl that men find irresistible

The girls of today are of a totally different breed from the girls of, say, fifty years ago. They’re empowered, they’re independent, and they’re strong. These changes definitely have its pros and cons. However, the men have largely stayed unchanged, and it is still the old fashioned women that attracts them the most. When speaking about the ideal woman, their …

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10 shits that people who have abnormally gigantic mouth would understand

No, we’re not talking about having a big mouth physically . We’re talking about keeping secrets, or the inability to keep them. Some of us just don’t have the ability to keep secrets. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s rather we cannot help ourselves from accidentally blurting it out. It happens during the most unexpected of times. A …

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10 real and valid reasons why some girls play hard to get

Women aren’t that complicated. Women understand women. But men can’t seem to even if we try to simplify things for them to understand us. Well, you need a woman to tell you what another woman is thinking. Guys know that girls play hard to get. Some girls do it on purpose, some girls do it subconsciously. But we do have …

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