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Do You Remember These 9 Classic TV Commercials?

Long, long ago, we got to know about the latest McDonald’s meal through TV. If you’re so damn young that you didn’t know how TV commercials work, here’s a brief idea: a one-hour show would have three commercial breaks (usually after a cliff-hanger), and these commercials appeared suddenly. A few commercials will be played…and suddenly, the show would be back. In …

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Jesseca Liu, Who is 38 But Look 18, Is Set to Marry Jeremy Chen

This is the biggest news to hit showbiz this year after veteran actress Jin Yinji claimed Mediacorp insulted her in negotiation talks for contract renewal. Jessica Liu (you know, the one that doesn’t look her age?) is getting married this year to Jeremy Chan, a Singaporean actor, singer and host this year! Guess how old is she? 38! Don’t look …

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10 Facts About the Latest Transformers Movie You Should Know Before Watching It

Are you excitedly waiting for the latest Transformers movie to make its way to Singapore? With robots that turn into cars, amazing acting and all that fast-paced action, who isn’t?! While we wait excitedly for the movie to come to the cinemas in Singapore, here’s a little something to whet your appetite: 10 facts about the latest Transformers movie! 1. This …

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NLB, Government learning from removal of controversial book series: Yaacob

Scrutinising every piece of reading material on public library shelves would be “impossible” given the volume of books involved, Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said yesterday. But he said the National Library Board (NLB) and the Government would learn from the episode involving the removal of a controversial series of Malay language books that was available for loan …

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Type or Paste Your Text Here To Convert Case

Photographs of Minister of National Development, Lawrence Wong, have attracted controversy after sharp eyed netizens claimed that his head was photoshopped onto a stock body in traditional Chinese and Malay clothes. The allegedly photoshopped image appears on Lawrence Wong’s Lunar New Year and Ramadan greetings posters. What started out as a light hearted observation by some netizens has turned into …

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Tampines Rovers dispute former sponsor Komoco’s S$190k loan claim

Tampines Rovers have disputed Komoco Motors’ claims to a sum of S$190,000 that the motor company says the S.League club owes it. Last month, TODAY reported that Komoco had sent a letter of demand to Tampines, seeking the repayment for the money, which it made out to the Stags at the end of 2015. However, TODAY understands that Tampines have …

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