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10 Facts About Hai Di Lao Other than Their Crazy Good Service

Who doesn’t love steamboat? Raise your hands. Ok, now you fellas better learn to appreciate the meal. Especially since this is all about Hai Di Lao. This hotspot place is known for its oh-so-good food and service. But there’s 10 other things you need to learn about them: Cut the Queue (Properly, Of Course!) If you wanna get the best …

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11 Best Starbucks in S’pore That Look Like They’re From Mars

21 years ago, Starbucks changed every Singaporean’s perception of coffee. (Fun fact: Starbucks landed on sunny Singapore in 1996!) Ignore the naysayers, Starbucks IS the most popular coffee joint in Singapore. Who knew we needed Unicorn Frappuccinos and 1 for 1 festive drinks? Here are some of the best Starbucks outlets in Singapore that are also the best meeting places, quiet studying corners, …

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8 S’pore Hawker Centre Stalls with Origins as Old as S’pore

Hawker centres, every Singaporean’s greatest lunch and dinner buddy. Also arguably the best places to find affordable, mouthwatering meals to fill that growling belly. It’s time to put a stopper to your café hopping days as we wrangle up some of the most noteworthy and undeniably delish hawker fares that Singapore has to offer. Maybe it’s time to schedule a …

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10 Facts About Monster Curry You Probably Didn’t Know About

Have you tried Monster Curry? Like seriously, HAVE YOU? It is so, so awesome. Monster Curry has been a raging fire (pun intended!) that has a mass following in Singapore, and rightly so. Want to know more about the brand, especially the nitty gritty details? Then stayla, and read on. The Ingredients The sauce for the Monster Curry uses 14 …

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10 Facts You Should Know About Nasi Lemak, Coz #NasiLemakBurgerRIP

Did you mourn when you heard the news that the Nasi Lemak Burger offered in McDonald’s has sold out way before National Day? If you did not get a taste of that burger, then remember to get your fix of Nasi Lemak by visiting the nearest Punggol Nasi Lemak store! And since everyone is so hyped up over this dish, …

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