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Tuk Tuk Cha Has Hallloweeny Toasts & They Look Creepily Cute & Instagram-worthy

Halloween is upon us and that means haunted houses and scary parties. Loading... You should know by now the true origin of Halloween. Or you can watch this interesting video. At least we thought it’s interesting lah. While you guys are busy preparing your outfit—and if you’re not into parties, maybe you should just stay at home and binge-watch horror …

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There’s A Fried Chicken Festival Happening In KL In Nov This Year

Chicken is the one protein that can be had pretty much any way, and still taste finger-licking delicious. Yet, deep inside your soul, you know there’s only one perfect way to enjoy chicken. Loading... In its crunchy, well-seasoned goodness – a piece of fried chicken. Whoops – one piece is never enough, it has to be two, or if you’re …

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McDonald’s Samurai Burger Might Be Making A Comeback

Fast-food behemoth, McDonald’s will always have space in our hearts and stomachs as it always managed to lure us in with its seasonal burgers. The recent one would have to be the popular Nasi Lemak burger which sold out in less than 2 weeks when it debuted, and then it made a huge comeback a month later. Now it is …

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10 Most Exotic Food In M’sia We Dare You To Try

We Malaysians have a strong love for all kinds of food. When you’ve tried it all, normal chicken soup and rendang just doesn’t cut it. In this article, we have compiled a list of “homegrown” exotic foods for you to try… If you dare. Every culture has its own exotic food, so here are what we think can possibly be …

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