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McDonald’s Samurai Burger Might Be Making A Comeback

Fast-food behemoth, McDonald’s will always have space in our hearts and stomachs as it always managed to lure us in with its seasonal burgers. The recent one would have to be the popular Nasi Lemak burger which sold out in less than 2 weeks when it debuted, and then it made a huge comeback a month later. Now it is …

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10 Most Exotic Food In M’sia We Dare You To Try

We Malaysians have a strong love for all kinds of food. When you’ve tried it all, normal chicken soup and rendang just doesn’t cut it. In this article, we have compiled a list of “homegrown” exotic foods for you to try… If you dare. Every culture has its own exotic food, so here are what we think can possibly be …

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Cha Tra Mue Rose Milk Tea Will Make You Bomb The Toilet Like Nobody’s Business

I have never heard such benefits of rose milk tea – it acts like a laxative. Like, seriously. Not hearsay, but science. Image: static1.squarespace.com You can drink your favorite milk without growing fat. Wow, perfect for everybody! And because of that, all eyeballs are now on this Thai tea chain – Cha Tra Mue. Image: lifestyle.toggle.sg If you want to release …

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Don’t Say Bojio: McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger Is Back In Stores Again!

Guess what? The Nasi Lemak burger… has officially returned! On August 28, McDonald’s teased us with a possible return of the fan favourite. Well just one hour ago, McDonald’s Facebook Page released a follow-up video on their Facebook page, unveiling the highly-anticipated burger! Loading... Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page *Cries* Image: Culture Nerd When will it be …

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Complete Concise Guide to all Food Delivery Services in S’pore

You want food while you’re lazing out on your couch at home. But you know what’s the annoying part? Having to get dressed and to put your shoes on just to go out and makan. Thank goodness there’s food delivery services here. It’s as if the restaurants know that we’re so lazy –  we’d just rather sulk at home than …

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