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5 types of natural vitamins you didn’t know exist, and where you can find them

Our parents always said, “eat more fruits, eat more vegetables, then you’ll grow up healthy and strong!” Obediently, we include these items in our food intake but do we really know what they are good for? Apart from getting vitamin pills from the pharmacy, here are some natural vitamins and nutrients found in our everyday food that is beneficial for our health. …

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10 best places for seafood in KL that makes you want to live there forever

Even though Kuala Lumpur is nowhere near the sea, this doesn’t prevent it from being one of the leading places in Malaysia to find tasty and fresh seafood. The cosmopolitan nature of the city means that you’ll find seafood cooked in a variety of styles, including Chinese, Malay, Thai and western. Without further ado, here are the 10 most mouth …

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Top 10 Halal buffets in S’pore you probably didn’t know exist

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult for our Singaporean Muslim brothers and sisters to be out for a buffet session in a larger group setting where dietary restrictions and specific food choices might cause certain restaurants to simply be out of the question.  What’s usually left are the narrow-ranging buffet restaurants that offer a Halal menu. However, let us be clear that …

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10 food places in Kovan so good you just want to shift there forever

For all my west-side friends, yes there is a place called Kovan that exists. And it is becoming increasingly famous for its good food. Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre Wait, what has Punggol got to do with Kovan? Well, we do not know the premise behind the name but Punggol Nasi Lemak is a five minute walk from Kovan mrt and it …

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7 hidden benefits of cauliflower that will make you love this vegetable even more

People sometimes refer to cauliflower as the ‘more useless cousin of broccoli’ since they look very similar except broccoli is a healthy green color whereas the cauliflower we find in Singapore is often an unappetizing white and has barely any taste. However, did you know that cauliflower actually has extremely beneficial properties? Anti-cancerous properties Nowadays lots of things probably cause cancer. …

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Your Fridays Aren’t TGIF Enough If You’re Not At One Of These 10 Places

“Guys, let’s go somewhere to chill later at night”, said one of your colleagues with her eyes as bright and sparkly as a polished diamond peering out from a Soo Kee Jewelry store. “Ok, go where?”, you reply before the conversation abruptly ends as both you and your colleague start retreating to your minds for a suitable place. It’s just like how Tom …

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