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This simple fix will stop your bedsheet from ever slipping again

Many of us wake up to a messy bed, with your bed sheets looking like it went through the grinder. What’s worse is the fact that despite how many times you try your best to align and tuck your bed sheets neatly, they just WON’T stay. Not after that nap or sleep. Loading... Perhaps your partner is the one with …

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A simple & useful guide to furniture shopping for newly-weds and homeowners alike

Here in Singapore, there are a good variety furniture retail stores that are known to give great bargains and deals, but of course, along with merits, there are also demerits. In this guide, learn the important things one should take note of when you shop for furniture. Have a Game Plan Before You Shop Furniture shopping is notoriously arduous and time consuming. …

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10 best places to buy your furniture other than Ikea

IKEA is probably the best place to get affordable and pretty sturdy, nice furniture. The only downside is that you probably need to do a bit of DIY before you can start using most of the items. But if you are not one to do self-assembling, perhaps these 10 other furniture shop options can placate you. Taobao Since you are …

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If you’ve these things in your bedroom, you’re bleeding money

We love to decorate our bedrooms with things that we love. However, from the fengshui perspective, there are certain things you should avoid placing in your master bedroom as these things bring discord between the couple, misfortune or money loss. Some of them are also bad for the ladies. If you believe in feng shui, read on to find out …

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Some HDB flats look so atas, they might be mistaken for a hotel suite

More and more people are now investing more time and money in the “look” of their HDB flat. They enlist the expertise of interior designers, who sit down with homeowners to understand what they are looking for. Most of these designs are focused on making the place look more spacious. This is often done through the addition of mirrors in certain …

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11 real shits we all face when shopping in Ikea

Okay, we all love Ikea, don’t we? Whether you’re there for the furniture, the window shopping, the food or for a date, it’s the best place to waste spend your entire day. There’re two Ikea outlets in Singapore, and both are just as good—the only key difference is that the one in Tampines has got free parking, so you can …

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