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5 Tips to improve your shopping style

Shopping is one of the best things for ladies and young girls. It is not just buying stuff but also enjoying your leisure time and adds humor in routine life. Superstores and Multipurpose shopping malls are best places to know about latest fashion trends and compare different products before you make a purchase. Your shopping sense and style reflects your …

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Smoking Effects on Your Body – Exposed – Be Smokefree

“Smoking is injurious to health”, everyone listens and sees this notion, but yet still they smoke, there has been many reasons behind this. Some smoke for the sake of enjoyment in order to create a humor in their lives, some smoke for relaxation purpose as the sufferings of life affect them and to minimize the of these suffering one goes …

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10 cheap and simple hacks you need to know to survive the hot weather in S’pore or you’ll drown…in your sweat

So warm. Melting. Dying. Image credits | hercampus.com Image credits | mightypunana.tumblr.com I swear the heat in Singapore will doom us all and convert our concrete jungle into a corporate desert. Don’t think I’ve been this eager to get to ShopBack’s office every morning (ShopBack’s office is what you get when you transform the idea of winter into an office; …

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10 reasons why every girl should have a best male friend

Having a guy for a best friend can be a game-changer in a totally good way. They’d make the perfect BFF. And I’m talking about actual fits for a male best friend. Not one who wants to be in a relationship with you and secretly curse the fact that he’s been friend-zoned. These are ten solid reasons on why you should …

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Snake Spirit Boy has been captured without makeup, and he actually looks decent

And so, another article about the Snake Spirit Boy. But this time, photos of the individual who has hurled countless of meaningless insults at Singaporeans have resurfaced once again, this time sans makeup but somehow, he still looks pretty…. decent? Well, the word decent may be subjective, but what we mean here is he doesn’t look as plasticized as those in all …

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Shocking truth about NTUC FairPrice scams and myths

NTUC FairPrice has been around for a very long time, a good 43 years in fact, and through the trials and tribulations of time, they have had their fair share of myths and mysteries surrounding this gigantic supermarket chain in Singapore. With over 130 outlets operating here on the island and serving over 430,000 customers per day, we like to …

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