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MRT Station Translation so Bad, It Went Viral & Netizens Disapproved Immediately

Now, I’ve friends who aren’t exactly the most proficient translators. An example in mind would be when a friend (whom I’ll nickname the Big D) once translated the term ‘Book‘ (verb) to ‘Shu Ben‘ (the noun) in Chinese. If you can’t imagine how ludicrous that sounds, here’s a scenario: *You walk into a hotel lobby* You: 你好,我想书本一间房。(Hi, I would like …

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Chou Chou Got so Dirty (& Smelly), Mushrooms Grew on It

I can never understand why some people need a Chou Chou, or Bantal Busuk. I’ve always thought of it as a toddler/growing up thing. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never had a Chou Chou. Geez, is it really that surprising? I think it might be due to the fact that my parents are very hygienic people and changes pillows/bolsters …

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You Can Save Over $30K If You Hold Your Wedding at a Coffee Shop

The median cost of holding a wedding is S$39,500. This is with the assumption that 60% of the banquet cost is covered by the red packets. Should all your friends and family members decide to not give you Ang Bao, the cost will increase exponentially to S$62,500 While everyone assumes that a wedding involves a standard procedure of bridal package, expensive banquet and wedding …

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M’sian Posted a FB Video Asking for Wife, Promising Car & Allowance

A while back, self-proclaimed Singapore Superstar Steven Lim posted a status on his Facebook Page, asking for “pretty” and “decent” ladies with cpf savings of more than $250K to hit him up and invest in a private condo together. Image: Steven Lim Facebook Page Now, make no mistake; Steven Lim is definitely in a league of his own. Undisputedly, unquestionably so. …

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Japanese Pool Player Was Victorious & When Interviewed in English, He Sang PPAP

Language can be a pretty daunting obstacle to overcome. And that’s especially so if you’re slapped with questions that sound like utter gibberish to you, and you’re actually expected to reply them. In front of an audience, no less. While I’m sure many, me included, will surely falter and retreat just to avoid embarrassing ourselves, this guy chose not to. Loading... Instead, he chose …

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Is This Pink or Grey? The Debate That Killed Relationships is Back

In 2015 there were two kinds of people. People who saw this dress… Image: cbsnews.com …as either black and blue or gold and white. FYI: I saw it (still do) as black and blue. Relationships were stained, quarrels were plentiful and Buzzfeed got tons of traffic (not like they need it, anyway). The world almost ended. Now in 2017, we …

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