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8 Myths About NTUC FairPrice Debunked

NTUC FairPrice has been around for a very long time (a good 43 years in fact) and through the trials and tribulations of time, they have had their fair share of myths and mysteries surrounding this gigantic supermarket chain in Singapore. With over 130 outlets operating here on the island and serving over 430,000 customers per day, we like to …

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Cockroach Pillows Are the Trendiest Gifts Now

There’s a first-world problem that we Singaporeans face every now and then: what gift should I buy for someone’s birthday? After all, if it’s just a friend, you need something that is cheap yet looks expensive (come on, don’t deny). Either that, you buy something funny, because humour seems to have some secret recipe that negates everything. Fret not, I’ve …

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8 ‘Weapons’ That Only 90s Kids Would Have Made Before

In the 90s, when there were no iPhones and iPads, kids had to make do with what they had to have fun in the classroom. And what do they have? School materials. If you’ve lived through the 90s in a classroom, we’re pretty sure you’ve constructed one of these before. Not, not just pretty sure. We’ve very sure you had. …

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7 Things We Remember About Being a Monitor in Secondary School

Even back in our school days, some of you might have already experienced what it’s like to be a sai kang warrior, oh sorry, I mean a leader. You know, being at the beck and call of school teachers, taking responsibility for collecting things from the office and back, etc. Here are 7 things we remember about being a monitor in secondary …

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Badass Bird Took A Shit On an MRT Seat Then Walked Off Like A Boss

A Facebook video has been circulating around on Facebook showing how a Mynah, a commonly-found bird in Singapore taking a shit on an MRT seat. The Javan Mynah is often spotted all around Singapore, and you can always see people shooing them away as they’re mostly considered as pests. From the video footage, the mynah is seen frolicking on a …

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This Gatecrash with Imperial Dynasty Theme Turning into K-pop Theme Just Upped the Game in S’pore

So you think you’ve seen the weirdest wedding gatecrashes in Singapore, with themes like Power Rangers, Spartans and even McDonald’s. Well, don’t bet on it, because here’s the gatecrash of the gatecrash. At least, so far. With the theme of an imperial dynasty, the brothers comprise scholar-officials, concubines and even eunuchs. And if you watch the video, you’ll know that …

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