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3 Honest Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Engaging A Home Tutor

There are tons of helpful articles out there such as but before you get into that, there 3 absolutely essential and practical questions you need to honestly ask yourself before engaging a home tutor. 1. Does my child really need tuition in this subject? This may be the most obvious question, and chances are if you’re reading this article or …

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5 Must-Know Tips To Achieve A Better Home Tuition Experience In Singapore

Home Tuition is becoming increasingly common and has even become a necessity in Singapore. When parents are deciding on hiring home tutors, many issues arise. There are plenty of options for hiring home tuition teachers. This is generally a good thing, but at the same, having many options can at times causes indecision and confusion on what is the best …

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Should you listen to music while studying? Here’re the shocking facts.

Do you have the habit of plugging in your earpieces when studying? Arguing with your friends that studying with music is better? While some of you prefer a quiet and conducive venue to study, some prefer to plug in their earpieces and switch themselves into the world of music. Numerous studies, arguments and thoughts have been shared over the years with different …

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10 hidden facts about Uniqlo that shows it’s more than just a clothing store

In Singapore, Uniqlo is considered an up-and-coming store you go to for basics. If you’re one of those people that see Uniqlo as that Japanese store that sells clothes at an affordable price, you’re really underrating the apparel store. As early as 1949 and first opened in Japan, it has climbed the success ladder and currently owns a total of 1,400 stores in …

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5 local artists and their mini works you must know, or you’re really missing out on life

Asia, being a developed continent have available platforms ready for people of all ages to showcase , learn and improve their talents. Loading... One such talent is art and over the years, Singapore’s art community has flourished with the support from the government, schools, programme centres and of course, the close-knitted community that brought artists all over the small country together. Art is …

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