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5 Things Men Only Do When They’re Crazy About You

When you start falling for someone, it’s exciting, but also terrifying. You’re not sure if he feels the same way back, and you’re looking for signs while also attempting to sus out red flags. Here are some signs that you can let that guard down and finally relax with the knowledge that he wants you for keeps. 1. He doesn’t …

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An alliance to keep nightlife safe

A new alliance is being formed to promote responsible drinking and raise standards in the nightlife sector, marking the first industry-wide effort to do so. Helmed by operators and alcohol suppliers, it aims to train bar staff on how to spot and handle inebriated customers and even teach them how to react during a terror attack. The Singapore Nightlife Business …

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Singapore a hot spot for global R&D centres

What do a candy and snack maker, an electronics company and a travel booking agent have in common? Mondelez International, Dyson and Expedia all set up research and development (R&D) innovation centres here in the past year. They are not the only ones – Panasonic recently announced the opening of its global R&D centre here on April 7 to spearhead …

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Her six miscarriages made her a stronger woman

Mrs Priscilia Koh has gone through six miscarriages. During the six years between giving birth to her first child and her second, she suffered five miscarriages. And then, before her only daughter was born two years later, she suffered one more miscarriage. Her children are now 22, 16 and 14. The 46-year-old Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore pageant finalist …

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3 dentists and 1 manager facing hundreds of charges over fake Medisave claims

Three dentists and a manager of a dental group practice are facing hundreds of charges of abetting in a conspiracy to cheat the Central Provident Fund Board by submitting fraudulent Medisave claims. The Smile Division Dental Group’s managing director Cecil Goh Chin Chye, 47, and manager Yeo Meow Koon, 46, each faces 612 charges while Daniel Liew Yaoxiang, 35, and …

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Local Dj Jamie Yeo: David Dao Should Accept Apology

I just heard Jamie Yeo of Gold 905 saying something very disturbing about the doctor who was forcibly removed on United Airlines. She said that unlike government ministers who have sued for defamation when their reputations are attacked, Dr David Dao should just accept the apology and move on. Why is she even comparing the government with this case? In …

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