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Another Robbery, This Time in Bukit Batok with a 25-cm Knife

A 36-year old man was arrested after he was reported to have robbed a mobile phone shop with a 25-cm long knife hidden in his bag. Not sure how long that is? Here, take a look. Image: channelnewsasia.com Are you done with your screaming? Okay, let’s continue. This happened on Tuesday, 15 August 2017 along Bukit Batok Street 31. Apparently, …

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Investigation of Tragic Accident At Fajar LRT Station Revealed: Here Are The Details

Quite a while back, MRT Stations in Singapore installed platform screen doors on their platforms. This was to enforce safety, following multiple incidents of people falling into the train tracks, whether accidentally or intentionally. Image: pezcame.com A standard platform barrier in MRT stations. However, LRT stations have no such luxury. Image: landtransportguru.net A standard LRT platform, where there are safety …

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Young girl narrowly avoids disaster after running in front of oncoming motorcycle

A young girl narrowly escaped getting hit by an oncoming motorcycle after running across a road. A video of the incident was posted on Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road’s Facebook page. Loading... In the video, the young girl can be seen crossing the road with who appears to be her grandmother and another sibling. However, while her grandmother and sibling stopped …

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Changi Airport T4 So High-Tech, Even the Cleaners Are Robots

Did you know that there are robots cleaning up the place at Changi Airport Terminal 4? You didn’t? Well now you do. Image: Kenneth Lim CNA It even has a face! How cute is that? Image: businesstraveller.com By now, you should know that Changi Airport T4 is very high-tech: so high-tech, you might see more machines than staff in the …

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