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Sex education: Parents best people to teach children

The recent spate of statutory rape cases has renewed attention on the need for sexuality education for children and teenagers (Do you know what your 11-year-old is doing?; March 11). We affirm the call to educate children about sex early, with this important responsibility being best undertaken by parents (Educating kids about sex early – at home and in school; …

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Oh My GAWD… You Gotta Caption These Kim Kardashian Shots!

She has many strings to her bow, but one thing Kim Kardashian is particularly famous for is her sizeable derriere. And the reality star has bared her shapely bottom in all its glory for the cover of Paper magazine’s winter issue. Kim can be seen covered in oil for the shot, which was taken from behind, and wearing nothing but …

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Is such a sexually-suggestive game allowed? Guy pushes crotch against girl’s face during school orientation game

A tertiary school’s orientation game depicting a guy pushing his crotch against a girl’s face has raised some eyebrows for being too sexually-suggestive. Stomper Anonymous sent in this video to Stomp, which she got from a friend. In the clip, the students seem to be playing a game, where the guy does a pumping exercise on top of the girl — with his crotch …

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Help, I Hear Voices of Ah Lian Sex Partners from the Past!

“Why keep your virginity when you can have fun? Because sex has the uncanny ability to create a lasting connection with another person, and the voices of your previous sex partners hovering over you when you embark on a serious relationship can be very disconcerting.” And people say I’m crazy when I tell them I hear voices at night. Mainly, …

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Teen Watches as Cop Rapes His Girlfriend and Makes Her Perform Oral Sex

He was getting up to hanky panky with his girlfriend in a HDB estate. Specifically – the 18-year-old was getting a blowjob from his 16-year-old girlfriend at a staircase. Little did he know that a police officer had been tailing him, and caught him in the act. But this cop – dressed in his Jurong Police Division polo T-shirt and …

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