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After 5 Years as CEO, Desmond Kuek Blames Train Disruptions on “Cultural Issues” and “Human Error”

Speaking a week after the first ever flooding of an MRT station in Singapore, SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek says SMRT needs to iron out “deep-seated cultural issues” and regrets that many major disruptions have been attributed to “human error”. SMRT has since “re-deployed” its vice-president of maintenance, Ng Tek Poo, following the flooding. Loading... Besides the flooding incident on Saturday …

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HDB Flat Kitchen Floor Tiles Suddenly Crack, Stunning Hougang Uncle

65-year-old retiree Mr Tan was lepak-ing on the sofa in his living room and about to head to bed when he heard an “explosion” from his kitchen. After getting over his “stunned like vegetable” initial reaction, he went to investigate and found that floor tiles in his kitchen had cracked for no apparent reason. The incident took place on Friday …

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S’pore Student Lost IC & It Was Used By Scammers to Cheat Victims

My mother always used to tell me this: “Never, ever lose your IC, or you might just see loan sharks coming after you with knives one day.” I would always laugh at her, pointing my fat, twiddly finger at her and saying, “Mum, you’re so lame. What are the chances of that ever happening?” Fast forward 17 years, and I came across this. Image: …

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