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10 desserts you can make at home within 10 min to impress your bae

If there’s one thing that can impress a bae instantly, it’s food. And I’m not talking about food in general, but one specific kind. Desserts. Gooey pastries filled with amazing custards and a crunchy crust, or decadent chocolate oozing from a molten cake that’s topped off with vanilla ice cream. Here’s 10 desserts you can whip up under 10 minutes, and …

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Impress your bae by learning this easy recipe to cook 台灣三杯雞

A Chinese dish which originated from Jiang Xi, China. It became wildly popular in Taiwan and since then it has become one of their most iconic dishes. Loading... San bei literally means 3 cups of sauces – namely soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. The sauce is cooked on high heat with the chicken which allows it to be …

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7 DIY steamboat soup base that’ll impress your guests like siao

What’s not to love about some good, hot soup, yummy ingredients being cooked to perfection in the boiling soup and some special dipping sauce to complete it all? These explains the popularity of the steamboat culture in Malaysia and Singapore where steamboat restaurants are available galore with an abundance of soup bases to choose from. Want to make some at …

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6 heavenly foods you can surprisingly make with Milo powder. Yes, MILO POWDER.

The quintessential Singaporean breakfast drink, Milo can probably be hailed as one of the greatest inventions ever made. Sweet, nutritious, rich and chocolatey, most of us would have been brought up on it after we stopped drinking milk. That’s not all folks; there are way more wondrous things that can be made using Milo powder. Milo macaroons For expert bakers only, …

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6 melted cheese recipes that’ll give cheese lovers wet dreams

It ain’t easy being cheesy. Singaporeans love their cheese in all sorts of forms, especially after it is melted and oozing with gooey, rich, creamy goodness. Here are 10 melted cheese recipes that will give you an absolute foodgasm. Loading... Cheese wantons If you thought soup wantons and fried wantons were good, why not make it even better? Wrap your …

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