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What’s normal for a c-section scar? All your questions answered.

When giving birth for the first time, some women make a conscious choice to have a c-section while the vast majority of women don’t. They end up wheeled into the operating theatre for an emergency c-section, with a battery of questions running through their minds. Long after the successful completion of the operation, mums continue to wonder what is normal …

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Singapore to set up new Defence Cyber Organisation

A new Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO) will be set up to monitor and defend the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) networks around-the-clock from cyberthreats, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced in Parliament on Friday (Mar 3). Earlier this week, a breach in an Internet access system at MINDEF resulted in the personal data of 850 national servicemen and employees being stolen. …

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5 Everyday Hair Products You Use That Actually Don’t Work

Are you one of the many who believed that when a product says it is “antibacterial”, you fall for it immediately until last year, when a study revealed that the whole “anti-bacteria” thingy is nothing more than a smart marketing tactic to entice customers. Now, what if I tell you that hair conditioners (yeah, that thingy that makes your hair …

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OK, here’s science explaining why more girls are 路痴

Men, if you have always insisted that your sense of direction is much better than women’s, you might actually be right. Now, you have scientific proof to back up your claims and take over the wheel! Sorry girls, we are not trying to be sexist but it has indeed been proven that men are much better at directions. Norwegian researchers …

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