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10 realistically creepy cakes we bet you won’t want to eat

Would you eat a bloody human brain, a heart, or even a baby? We thought not too. However, there are people who actually enjoy eating these and think that they taste delicious! Okay fine, we are talking about realistic cake versions, but still. These cakes look realistic enough to scare us! Katherine Dey is a nurse from New York who …

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Spooky: This creepy selfie went viral and scared the hell out of netizens online

Having made its way into the Cambridge Dictionary, the selfie has already taken the world by storm, filling the Internet with pictures of lame people with duckfaces. Perhaps this self-indulgent habit is incurring the wrath of more than just sensible, right-minded people, as suggested by this selfie below. It looks like an innocent couple taking a selfie, but the reflection …

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Remember Chucky? You can now buy his sister for the price of $1

Want a toy girl for a dollar? Well not in that sense. We bet you don’t want, especially after reading this article. Check out this doll that is going for the price of a dollar. Remember Chucky? The 1988 doll from hell? This equally creepy looking doll might just match up to him. Sold on Craigslist for a dollar, the …

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