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PSA: There’s A New Scam In Town & 80% Of People Who Tio This Won’t Know What To Do

Guys, heads up; there’s a new scam in town. Yeah I know; hardly revolutionizing news. However, this one’s kind of different, in the sense that it involves your… Mobile phone bill. Image: Imgflip Sadly, it is. According to Stomp, there’s been an increase in fraudulent purchases charged to mobile phone bills. It’s even gotten to a point where the police has alerted the public …

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10 Smartphones That Cost Less Than $200 to Be Used As Your Backup Phone

You just robbed a bank to purchase a sparkling new iPhone X, and you’re feeling really good about yourself right now. But unbeknownst to you, your brother Andy’s going to knock into you in 5 seconds and make you drop your earnestly-earned iPhone X. Image: redbubble.com And in 3, 2, 1… Image: Wikipedia Yeap, there goes your phone. Sho sad. Stranded with …

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Ads Showing When You Charge Your Android Phone? Here’s Why

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets welcomed by ads whenever I turn on my phone while it’s charging. Image: howtoremove.guide It gets so frustrating as the ads tend to block out some notifications on my new lock screen. I mean hello? I enabled the notifications for a purpose? If you are experiencing this as well, fret not. …

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WhatsApp Could Be Releasing a Group Talk Feature

One of the world’s most famous messaging service is going to bring things to the next level. In case you’ve not heard the news yet, WhatsApp is apparently in the talks of bringing out a “group voice call” feature so that more than two people can get together and well, talk at the same time. If the rumours are true, …

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6 Signs that Your Phone is Hacked or Being Infected with a Malware / Virus

Anyone who has got a smartphone cannot remove himself from the ultimate fear – someday, it might get infected with a virus or on the same scare of horrible, get hacked. How would you know, if ever, whether your phone’s been attacked? Now, before you think that no one would hack you because you’re too unimportant, think again: hackers might …

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China’s Fake iPhone 8 Has Hit the Market Months Ago & It Runs on Android

Apple might have launched the iPhone 8 just recently. But did you know that it’s been around for way longer than that? China’s version, that is. Image: Youtube It looks pretty authentic, huh? But it’s fake, as fake as the makeup on your girlfriend’s face. Cheyyy just kiddinggg. But you have to applaud their innovation. They even removed the Home …

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