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Here’s A Hack to Restore Your Deleted Photos from Your Android Phone

When we are looking through our photos in our phone, sometimes we will accidentally press some buttons and delete away photos that we actually want. Or worst, you could have just deleted all images of your girlfriend when she demanded for a breakup, only to realize later that she’s just saying out of anger (and she might just break up …

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Everything About Facebook Reaction ‘Flower’ You Probably Didn’t Know

If you have been scrolling through Facebook today, you would have realised the flower reaction seen in every post, along with the “Like”, “Angry” and “Crying” reactions. Loading... time.com So what exactly does the Flower reaction mean? In a bid to mark and celebrate Mother’s Day in more than 80 countries across the world, Facebook introduced a temporary reaction emoji today …

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In 2020, You Can Store 365 HD Videos on Your Phone Easily

This is a guest post contributed by Ling. Hands up if you’re obsessed with storage space on your mobile phone! Photos and videos take up a lot of memory and as the camera function keeps improving with each generation of phone, storage will never be enough. People with 16GB mobile phones have no choice but to constantly delete items to …

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