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10 Facts About Oppo You Probably Didn’t Know About

Oppo, the upcoming (or maybe it already is) rival to both Apple and Samsung, is in fact, bigger than we thought. While it is well known for its camera phone here in Singapore, it is actually a much bigger company that also produces Blu-ray players and other popular electronic goods. Here are 10 other things about Oppo that you probably …

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14 Telegram Hacks That’ll Change the Way You Chat With Friends

Free messaging apps are now a part of the norm, and oh, how good it feels not to be limited by 1000 SMSes a month. Whilst WhatsApp is still one of the most well-known and popular messaging apps, Telegram is slowly gaining its footing in Singapore. And specially for ShopBack readers, you can download our adorable HappyBag & Friends sticker pack! …

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10 Facts About Paypal You Probably Didn’t Know About

When it comes to making payments online for overseas transactions, you know there’s one secure website that’s got you covered. Good old PayPal. How much do you actually know about the company, though? Here are 10 fun facts that you wish you’d known sooner!Image: Wikimedia PayPal Was Spawned Through Confinity Never heard of Confinity? Well, this company specialized in developing …

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5 Cool Items You’d Never Expect Bosch To Produce Besides Fridges and Coffee Machines

You know Bosch, right? The brand is famous for their reliable home appliances like ovens, fridge and washing machines. But did you know that besides home appliances, this brand is also producing items in other areas? And quite successfully, at that. Here are 5 items you’d never expect home-appliances-Bosch (yes, that Bosch) to produce. At all. 1. Laser Rangefinder Image: http://www.bosch-pt.com.sg/sg/en/laser-measure-glm-500-131500-0601072hk0.html Forget …

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5 Ways to Use Less Data in WhatsApp You Probably Didn’t Know Of

Let’s face the fact – no matter how much you try, you cannot live without WhatsApp. Even when you’ve got close to 10 active chat groups to be in – from work, to friends, siblings, parents and home, its essential for your daily communication needs. Although it’s kinda annoying when you get tons of videos and Good Morning (AND Good …

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10 Hacks to Use Less Data Because You Overshot Every Single Month

You know what’s the toughest part of owning a smartphone or tablet? Running out of data. You start to scramble around and refresh your Wi-Fi feed, just to see if you’re at THAT part of the mall with free data access. Then when your monthly bill arrives, you cry like a baby. You’ve got to get it together, you tell …

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