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8 Things You Can Do During a Long, Boring Budget Airline Flight

Being someone who takes budget airline flights frequently (because if you want to save and travel, that’s the way to go), I am always looking for a way to spend time my flights in a more productive way – especially when you’ve to travel to places like Taiwan on a 4-hour flight. I mean, since we can’t exactly bring food …

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Ok, This Robot Restaurant in Japan is a Must-Visit Simply Because It’s Weird

When you think of robot, what comes to your mind? High-technology? Computerized humans and monotonous voices? Certainly not food, right? Well, this restaurant in Japan will definitely surprise you with their presentation of a robot. What’s even cooler, they even associated robot with food, creating their very own robot restaurant. Robot Restaurant If you’re looking to see robots in action and be …

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Bangkok, the Best City for Street Food, Just Banned ALL Street Food Vendors

In an extremely well thought-out and calculated move, Bangkok’s local governing body, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), has decided to ban all street food stalls in the city. In the name of safety and hygiene, street food vendors will be expected to clear out from roads and pavements by the end of the year. Loading... Bangkok’s street food stalls are …

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Korea Just Got Closer: A Korea-Themed Mall Just Opened in Thailand

Now you don’t need to fly all the way to Seoul to get your Korea fix. A Thai company just opened massive Korea-themed shopping mall in Bangkok, designed to target both Thai fans of Korean culture and foreign visitors. image: reuters.com It’s not exactly news that many Asians are avid fans of anything Korean, and would lap up anything related, …

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The Ultimate Guide to the 8 Best & Safest Places for You to Travel Alone

Traveling solo is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do embark on this extraordinary adventure, it’s an exceptionally liberating experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone and feeds your passion. It lets you move at your own pace, meet tons of interesting people and serves as a truly unforgettable experience. If you choose the right destination, traveling …

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6 Best Buffets in Bangkok for Under S$10—Don’t Wait Liao!

Bangkok, known for its vibrant street life, also has buffets that will not disappoint you. Hence, we went to find buffets that are under S$10 to make sure you still keep within your budget. Loading... Yes, good food can be cheap too! 1. Pla Thong Thai BBQ Image: hpility.blogspot.com Pla Thong Buffet is a Thai BBQ situated only a block …

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