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Top 5 reasons why you should further your studies abroad

Ever felt the adrenaline rush running in your veins when you know you ought to further your studies abroad? Ever wondered what you ought to leave behind the minute you enter a new phase of your life? Ever thought how it will turn out if you choose to walk another path instead? Here are some insights to what I’ve personally …

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Flying robots are going to take over waiters in Singapore SOON

We’ve got self-driving cars that have 0% accident rate, we’ve got pilot drones that deliver online orders from Amazon fuilfilment centre, and now, we’ve got drones that serve you food. The line between the present and the future is thinner than we expected. While it could look eerily clumsy, it flies amazingly well, cutting through the air better than a …

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10 important things all Singaporeans should do before they go for a trip

You’ve settled your itinerary, accommodation, flights and all the other nitty gritty details – What’s next? You’re ready to fly off? Wait just a minute and hold your horses! To ensure a smooth trip, go through the following checklist: 1) Passport  Well this is a no-brainer but still an extremely important point. Check the validity of your passport! You should have at …

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10 useful tips when travelling alone

Unlike all those “ten reasons why you should…” posts on thought catalog, I’m going to break away from the template and shed some light on the downside of travelling solo. A little heads up on what to expect. None of the following reasons should discourage you from travelling solo, for they can be easily mitigated. But if you still choose …

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10 reasons why you should travel alone

Nothing screams adventure more than a single plane ticket to an unknown destination with nothing but a backpack in hand! Travelling solo can be daunting to the uninitiated but it’s definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you’re young and reading this, there is no better time than NOW to embark on a solo trip! Seize the …

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Places to countdown to 2015 in Singapore

Singapore is small—so small that you can immerse yourself in a countdown party at Point A, go to another place to do the countdown at Point B and eventually scoop up the remaining post-countdown celebration in Point C—all in two hours. Isn’t it just amazing that a small place like Singapore could have so many parties? Since it’s 2015 soon, …

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