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Chinese Company Gives Employees SGD$20 Each For Every 1 KG They Lose

Are you someone who has tried all ways to lose weight, but have not found the right solution to do so? Or, have you been trying your very best, but realised that motivation and determination is what you truly lack? Well, a company in Xi’An, China thought so too. And in a bid to ‘help’ their employees lose more weight, …

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5 Jobs That S’poreans Take For Granted. Thank These Unsung Hero now!

In the cosmopolitan city that we live in, we Singaporeans tend to be constantly on the move. From working long hours to jammed packed weekends, or even back to back classes and tuition lessons for school kids – there is almost no break in our hectic lives. Loading... Most of us are so caught up in our busy schedules that …

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