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9 Reasons Why S’poreans Do OT. Which One Are You?

Overtime or fondly known as OT in Singapore is a common cause of complains among office and non-office workers. It is perhaps the main reason why Singapore has a falling birth rate – so busy working, where got time to make baby leh? Loading... Despite the seriousness of not getting work-life balance, there are still many people who are slaving …

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Have Long Working Hours? You Might Have Irregular Rapid Heartbeat

Admit it – some of you are in this situation. You always stay back at work coz you’ve go SO MANY THINGS to do, and even resort to ordering McDelivery just so that you can get your fix without leaving the office. You leave your office around 9-10 p.m., and the next day, you wake up and reach your office …

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10 Facts About MC in S’pore You Probably Didn’t Know Of

Medical certificates, or better known as MCs in Singapore, can be a contested issue in any workplace. Employers generally do not like their employees to take MC since it disrupts work flows and increase work burden on other employees in the same team. Nonetheless, it is something that employees are entitled to and companies need to provide paid MC to …

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