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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated Every Morning When Going to Work

Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Such is the summary of a day in the life of a Singaporean millennial; in a fast-paced environment like ours, we never seem to have enough time to take a breather. In aiming to meet the expectations of our bosses, colleagues, family members and ourselves, we may find it difficult to drag ourselves out of our …

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5 Things I learned at the U Future Leaders Summit 2017

Singapore is moving towards a Smart Nation at an alarming rate, from robot cleaners, self-checkouts at supermarkets, cashless payment services to making all 110,000 lamp posts in Singapore an interconnected network of wireless sensors. With the increase of automation when it comes to jobs, people might start panicking as their jobs might be taken away by robots in the not-so-distant future. …

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6 Things Every Millennial Freelancer Going Into The Media Industry Must Know

The glorious Media Industry. Those who’ve taken an internship in the media industry would know how hectic the lifestyle is. Some loved it while some hated it. Some were simply born in it. Image: memegenerator.net You see, to some people, working in the media industry is more than a decision. I have a friend who has been drawing since eight years …

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What S’pore Workers Really Need to Know About the ’13th Month Bonus’

This is a guest post contributed by Ling. It’s the time of year again where civil servants will receive a big fat bonus comprising an annual variable component as well as a Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA). The NPAA is also known as the 13th month bonus. Now before we whine about not receiving our 13th month bonus, let’s find out …

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13 SMRT Staff Held Responsible for MRT Flood: What’s Next For Them?

This is a guest post. SMRT just announced that six SMRT employees will face disciplinary proceedings after they were found to have falsified maintenance records for half a year at Bishan MRT station. As the water pump system was not properly maintained, a stretch of North-South Line tunnel flooded and disrupted train services for 20 hours on 7 October 2017. …

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9 Reasons Why S’poreans Do OT. Which One Are You?

Overtime or fondly known as OT in Singapore is a common cause of complains among office and non-office workers. It is perhaps the main reason why Singapore has a falling birth rate – so busy working, where got time to make baby leh? Despite the seriousness of not getting work-life balance, there are still many people who are slaving away …

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