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10 tactful and effective ways to handle people who backstab

First and foremost, what is a backstabber? Well, a backstabber is a hypocrite of a person who pretends to care about in order to jeopardise your life, reputation, achievements, relationship and so on when you least expected it. In other words, they’re simply a traitor. Backstabbers come in all forms like co-workers, friends and in some cases, even family. Either …

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10 almost perfect jobs for people who like to travel

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love traveling? And being able to travel yet earn money? That’s perfect. These days, there are tons of jobs that allow people to travel; jobs that might sound simple but are actually wanted worldwide. So below are 10 almost perfect jobs for people who have an absolute love for traveling. Well, because let’s be real, …

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8 hidden habits of highly successful women you should have too

Think about it. How many times in our lives do we get to proclaim that we love our jobs? For every capable woman out there in the workforce, there is definitely one who is thriving in the limelight and are adopting habits to help her achieve her success. These women do not lament about their failures but choose to focus on the …

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14 drastic changes you will undergo when you enter the workforce

Fast forward six months for every fresh-eyed, bushy-tailed graduate that enters the workforce and you’ll simply get this. Your job seems to have taken a life on its own No, seriously it’s a living breathing thing and it seems to overshadow, well, your life. You could weep at the thought of those glorious three-month summer breaks back in uni Why …

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