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Changi Airport T4 So High-Tech, Even the Cleaners Are Robots

Did you know that there are robots cleaning up the place at Changi Airport Terminal 4?

You didn’t? Well now you do.

Image: Kenneth Lim CNA

It even has a face! How cute is that?

Image: businesstraveller.com

By now, you should know that Changi Airport T4 is very high-tech: so high-tech, you might see more machines than staff in the area.

After three years of scouting, Changi Airport Group has planted four automated cleaning robots at Terminal 4. But that’s not all; they are planning to include at least six more in 2018.

Just so you know, the airports in New Zealand and some parts of America use such technology, too.

They don’t come cheap though. According to Channels NewsAsia, they cost a whopping S$80,000 each! But they are also able to reach 1,600 square meters per hour, so it’s money well-spent.

Now, won’t that like replace humans and make more people lose their jobs?

The robots, however, still need supervision and a guiding hand, and that’s where the original housekeepers come in. They are taught how to programme the robot to mop, clean, pick up small objects and others.

And the housekeepers certainly appreciate the help too. 69-year-old Tan Tiong Wah, one of 150 housekeepers, said that the robots made life “way easier for them”.

Image: Kenneth Lim CNA
Image: Kenneth Lim CNA

These cute robots won’t just be used to clean the terminal floors too. They can also be utilized to clean the car parks and toilets, too. In fact, according to CAG, the usage of the robots helped reduce housekeeping manpower by roughly 20%.

Guess what, if the tests conducted at Terminal 4 are successful, the automated cleaning technology would be applied to Terminal 1 to 3 too.

And if you haven’t heard, aside from the innovative robots, Terminal 4 also features automated check-in kiosks, automated immigration clearance and boarding gates, which all happen to be equipped with facial recognition technology. Talk about the future.

But I wonder… is it really the best if everything heads into the technological sector? I mean sure, manpower costs could be reduced, but doesn’t it mean that more people will be without a job?

And what if the robots start to think on their own? Oh wait, sorry I’ve been watching too much Terminator.

But you never know what will happen, do you?

Image: telegraph.co.uk

In the meantime, I’m sure recruits in Tekong are hoping that this technology will be in there as well.


Featured Image: businesstraveller.com

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