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Is there a Correct Way to Hold Chopsticks? Yes, There Is

You would think that holding a pair of chopsticks is common sense, but did you know that there is a right way to hold a chopstick? In fact, there are tutorials on YouTube teach people the right way to hold one.

Albeit those tutorials are mostly targeted at foreigners who do not use chopstick often, some of us might be looking at the videos to see if the way we usually hold a chopstick is right or wrong.

So what is the right way to hold a chopstick?


Step 1: Hold the upper chopstick like a pencil. The chopstick should be held one-third of the way from the top and rest the chopstick against the forefinger of your middle finger. The top of your thumb should be pressed against the chopstick holding it in place.

Step 2: Place the lower chopstick against your ring finger. The second chopstick should point in the same direction as the first and that the tips should be evenly aligned.

Step 3: Open the chopsticks with your middle finger. Press up on the upper chopstick using the top or foreigner of the middle finger. Your index finger will also move with the chopstick and middle finger.

Step 4: Close the chopsticks with your index fingers. Press down on the upper chopstick using the top portion of your index finger, drawing the two tips back together. Your middle finger will also move along with the chopstick and index finger.

Step 5: Keep the thumb fairly still. The thumb should be held straight, rather than bent at the knuckle. Your lower chopstick should also remain still throughout the process.

If you’re too lazy to read the step by step in words, here’s a YouTube tutorial by BuzzFeed (yeah, ang mo website, of course!) for you to follow and check if you’re holding chopstick the right way.

In my opinion, if you using the chopstick is different from others, it doesn’t matter. So long as you are able to eat your food comfortably, you’re holding it the right way.

Featured Image: YouTube (BuzzFeedBlue)

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