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Cracks on Adam Road cause massive traffic jam; LTA investigating incident

Cracks across at least two lanes on Adam Road caused a massive traffic jam tailing back to Bartley and Serangoon during the morning rush on Friday (June 1).

The Straits Times understands that the cracks, which appeared near the ongoing construction site of the Bukit Brown road, were caused by an unexplained subterranean heaving of the earth.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA), in updates on Twitter, had warned of an “obstacle” and advised motorists to avoid the affected stretch.

In a statement, LTA said it discovered the cracks at 8am along a stretch of Adam Road after the MacRitchie Flyover.

“Two out of four lanes were immediately closed to facilitate repairs,” a spokesman said, adding that all lanes were re-opened at about 10am, “after we ascertained that the road is safe for use”.

The LTA said it was investigating the cause of the incident.

When the Straits Times arrived at the scene at 10.30am, the roads were cleared and construction workers were seen near the area of the crack.

Personnel from the Public Utilities Board and LTA were also spotted assessing the situation.


Ms Ong, a motorist who was affected by the traffic jam, said she left her home in Lorong Chuan at 7.30am and ended up being “very late” for her 8am meeting with her friends.

Said the 44-year-old housewife: “The jam was so terrible. My car was going up (due to the uneven ground) as I drove past the area (with the cracks). It was very dangerous as no one knew what was going on.

“Fortunately no one had an accident.”

A civil engineer who declined to be named said the cracks were likely to have been caused by soil movements below the road related to nearby construction works.

He said the rain might have contributed to the “loss of ground… by draining away soil, thereby weakening the site”.

Source: The Strait Times

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