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Dinner in the sky: A dinner that is just too damn weird

Have you ever wondered what it will be like being suspended in the air, 50 meters away from the ground, and having to enjoy your dinner? Well, some of you may have heard of Dinner in the sky, an initiative from Belgium that has hosted more than 5000 dinners in 40 cities around the world. It’s not quite like eating on a plane. It is more thrilling than that.

Now, in Southeast Asia, dinner in the sky will be making its debut in this region in Malaysia. You can have a chance to be hung up in air enjoying your 4-course dinner surrounded by the twin towers and the KL tower. All you have to do is to book for a meal online at RM599. Want to know more about the deal? Read on.

Dinner in the sky is basically a big table that can seat about 20 customers with chairs that have straps to secure the customers. So how does the table go all the way up? Well, through a crane. You will be hanging in air for an hour eating this:
First course
Watermelon and Roma Tomato Gazpacho, Japanese Cucumber, Pacific Prawns and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drizzle
Second Course
Carpaccio of Organic Beetroot, King Island Goat Cheese, Toasted Hazelnut and White Balsamic
Main Event 
Chicken Piccata, Lightly pan fried, Glazed Asparagus, Creamy Potato Mash and Basil infused Tomato Sauce
Slow Cooked Beef Fillet, Glazed Asparagus, Creamy Potato Mash and Thyme Jus
Final Course
Himalaya Salted Caramel Chocolate Cremeux Tart served with Cocoa Nibs and Mix Berry Coulis

What if you need the toilet urgently in midair? Unfortunately, there’s no toilet up there and I don’t think you would be wearing diapers so the whole table has to go down with you and wait till you’re done with your business.


How old do you have to be? 18 is the magic number and make sure you’re at least 145cm.

Is there insurance? Well, purchase your own because you have to sign an indemnity and waiver form.

What if it rains? Well, dinner in the sky gets cancelled and you will have dinner in a restaurant.

With this basic understanding and some common questions answered, dinner in the sky has been really popular. While some may be concerned about the safety, others transform the experience to a romantic and unforgettable one. Just like this couple in the video.

Well, if you’re interested in further details, do check it out online.

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