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Don’t Say Bojio: Free Bottle of Taiwan Sensation KECha in JCube on 25 Oct

KECha, a popular drink store in Taiwan is opening its second outlet in the west of Singapore—J Cube—on Wednesday.

They’re known for their fruity teas served in a transparent bottle and they are very Instagram-worthy.

Doesn’t it look like bottled unicorn tears?

Image: KECha Singapore Facebook

And not only are they pretty, they are healthy as well.

They claim that their Earl Grey Tea fight against oral infection, aids digestion, reduce cholesterol and helps to lose weight.

Image: KECha Singapore Facebook

Their Roselle Tea supposedly reduces high blood pressure, boosts the immune system and is loaded with vitamin C.

Image: KECha Singapore Facebook

Not to forget their Butterfly Pea Tea, they claim that it helps to detoxify the body and slow down the ageing process.

Image: KECha Singapore Facebook

Why don’t you head down and try it for yourself?

Let me give you one more reason to head down this Wednesday!


Kecha is giving out 200 bottles for free on 25 Oct from 12 pm onwards!

Image: JCube Facebook

Imagine bringing that bottle to your office, filling it with water, cucumber, and lemon—cause that is what I would do.

But before you head down, you have to like KECha Singapore’s Facebook page and share their post to claim your free bottle!

For those living in the east, it’s a hassle to travel all the way to the west to try this dreamy tea.

Fret not, they have an outlet in Orchard too!

You can check it out at 14 Scotts Road, though there won’t be any free bottles.



Featured image: J Cube Facebook

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