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Don’t Say Bojio: Free French Fries at L’Entrecôte On 11 Nov

French Fries are like the frenemies in your life.

Image: waywaw.com

You can’t figure if you hate them or love them.

I mean, once you start, you can’t stop.

There are so many variations of it, from chunky meat toppings to being drenched in truffle oil, you can never get bored of this not-so-humble dish.

If you ask me, the basic crispy french fry is still the best.


It evokes nostalgia and happiness in every bite.

Image: gifsforgirls.tumblr.com

Now you can relish those emotions as L’Entrecôte announced that 11 November is Free Fries Day!

I mean if there is a day dedicated to free french fries, I am sold.

From 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., L’Entrecôte will be dishing out free fries at their Orchard branch—GLASSHOUSE BY DHM.

They are known for their juicy steaks and if you are looking to indulge, then I suggest you get a slab of meat alongside the pro bono fries.

Their Duxton outlet is also celebrating so if you happen to be there, drop by to grab some FREE FRIES!

Featured image: L’Entrecôte Singapore Facebook

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