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Everything About the Auto Passport Scanners in BKK for S’poreans in 60 Sec

Auto-passport scanners have always made life so much more easier. It’s so annoying to queue for an hour or more just to get into another country, right? T

hankfully Bangkok has answered the cries of us Singaporeans and Hong Kong dwellers too, as BKK airports will soon be equipped with the fast and efficient tech machines.

Imagine, Thailand’s news company, The Nation mentioned that using auto-passport scanners can actually drop processing time by 10 seconds (that’s from 30 seconds to 20 seconds).

You know how we value our time. Every second counts. Good on you, Thai immigration and government. I salute you guys for this fantastic idea.

Image: Straits Times

Currently, auto-passports only works for Thailand citizens. The lieutenant-general of the police department in Thailand, Nathathorn Prousoontorn, said this could be implemented either this August or in September.

Cooperation with our side (Singapore) is almost fully completed. Hong Kong’s end is still in need of additional discussions, as there are some loose ends to be sorted out.

If you want to use the scanners you will need to register yourself with Thailand’s immigration office before you get into the country.

How many auto-passport scanners are we talking about here? Think 52-metal babies at both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports. The scanners will basically be installed with software that helps read the passports from Singapore.

Why us and Hong Kong?

Well, our country and Hong Kong were chosen for this because there are so many of us going into Thailand every year compared to other countries. Yup guys, we love Thailand as our currency allows us to spend more there and then it’s also full of good food and beautiful places to see.

Image: Channelnewsasia

Here’s a fun fact – according to the tour agency Dynasty Travel, Malaysia is our first travel destination, followed by Thailand. They estimate that about a million of us travel to Thailand every single year. As there’s also a higher number of flights to deal with, it’s only right that there be better connectivity.

A spokesperson for Changi Airport told The Straits Times that there are about 216 flights from Singapore to Bangkok weekly.

Whoa. I am shocked wei. I didn’t expect it to be that big numbers. Now it really, really makes sense to get the auto-passport scanners up. Can you imagine the queue otherwise?

With the new auto-scanners, we will be free from queues and can check into the taxis, tuk tuks and hotels faster. And you know the first thing that’s going into your tummy, right? Authentic Tom Yam soup.

There are also possibilities for Singaporeans to use automated gates at other airport checkpoints in Thailand in the future.

Singaporeans, be prepared. Soon, travelling to Thailand is going to be easy. Pretty much like getting into Johor with no hitch whatsoever.

I cannot sleep – thinking of Chatujak shopping area, red ruby dessert and visiting Thailand’s beautiful picturesque locations. What would you do when you finally land in this pretty country? With an additional 10 seconds of time?

Featured Image:  Straits Times

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