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Fancy a McWhopper? It nearly came through

It may have happened quite some time ago but there are still news about it. Remember back then when the two of the most popular fast food burgers almost combined their burgers together but it did not happen in the end? That was a dark day for a burger fans. If you do not know or forgot (or are not bothered to care), let me summarise this burger saga.

Basically, to commemorate International Peace Day, which is on 21 September, Burger King made a proposal to MacDonald: That is to combine two of their biggest burgers; The Big Mac and the BK Whopper together to form one big-ass burger known as the McWhopper and if it succeeds, all profits will go to charity organisation Peace One Day so as to celebrate International Peace Day.

Burger King really went full out on this one, sending an open letter ad to MacDonald addressing them to join their quest and unite for the common good. BK also proposed a location (Atlanta, Georgia, midway between the two companies’ headquarters) and launched a website that explains everything from packaging to uniforms, and includes a drool worthy video.

And everything seems like going well until MacDonald responded with two letters; N.O.

And that ladies and gentlemen, was the saddest day in burger history! According to Mac, they rather do something else “bigger” than this to achieve global awareness. And I am like; “Hello! You want big? Isn’t this big enough, like literally? Like you are using your biggest burger, the Big Mac to combine with the BK Whopper, their biggest burger? Plus, this is like an once-in-a-lifetime event. Never before; never again! Imagine the amount of advertising you get! Imagine the free marketing! Imagine all the other benefits! Basically, this whole offer screams BIG! And you want something bigger?”

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with Mac? I mean, if you think, this is really a good and peaceful idea. Okay, we all know that Mac and BK have always been fierce rivals but this time round, for the sake of peace, BK offered a peaceful truce to join forces with arch-rival Mac to create the biggest and most peaceful burger ever. And this is strategically wonderful because seeing two natural enemies like Mac and BK making peace is exactly what Peace One Day is all about.

And if you look deeper, this is brilliant strategy on BK’s part in the sense that they know that they are losing to Mac in terms of revenue, so by playing this peaceful card, they make others assume that they are on equal footing and in addition, Mac have no choice but to accept this because if they don’t, they might seem to others that they are not “peaceful” enough. So accepting this is the only way to go.

But Mac refused to do it. Well, bad move, Mac!

Anyways, BK still have not given up on the idea and not only are they still waiting for their peaceful reply, BK have also requested further outlets to join along and it seems that they had an answer from one of them. Apparently, Denny’s seems interested in the offer to make a peace burger with BK. They wanted to combine their Bacon SlamBurger with BK’s Whopper and if BK accepts, it might be known as the “Slopper”.

What a sloppy name!

Anyways, Krystal; another burger outlet also expressed their interest but BK had not made any replies so we just have to wait and see. Will Mac give the peaceful reply everyone is hoping for or will BK join forces with either Denny’s or Krystal or some other outlet?





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