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Farting in front of your boyfriend makes the relationship stronger. Here’s why.

Guys, you’re going to hate me for saying this but ladies, farting in your boyfriend’s face can make your relationship stronger. No longer do you have to excuse yourself to go to the toilet or squeeze your butt cheeks together in an effort to stave off the urge. Why do that when you can just let it rip and make the relationship more awesome at the same time?


So, how can farting make your relationship stronger? Wouldn’t it chase the guy off instead? Well, according to Columnist Jessica Gentile, she farted in front of a guy while cuddling with him on the third date. Not only that, she had to rush to the toilet for a dump and ended up clogging his toilet.

You’d have thought that the relationship’s over before it started, but that’s not what happened. Gentile and the guy got married seven years later.

Guys know that girls fart, I mean, it’s just normal human behavior, but if you maintain that perfect lady-like image, they have to stop themselves from doing equally gross things like that as well. But when you let go and show that under all that beauty is a normal human being, they’ll find the pressure of having to live up to your expectations lessen and they start relaxing, making the the relationship more real and enjoyable.

After all, farting is really just part of your body’s process, and being open about this will make the entire relationship more open and honest, right? After all, just ask couples who have been together for a year or so and they’ll tell you that yes, their partners’ farts stinks. But they’re still a couple, aren’t they?

So ladies, stop holding it in or rushing to the toilet like dogs are chasing you. Just let it go, blame it on him and he’ll most probably fall in love even more with you.

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